Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sticking it up! Tommax goin' big y'all! (Pics Added)

Tommy from Tommax Stickers is going big y'all. A couple of friends' project cars needed decals where their owners will pay Tommy to defile... er... beautify their cars! Hahaha... (Pardon the pun). Tommy has done many full car sticker jobs since he'd opened a year back (initial project was my Pooh as can be seen here), and these will be a series of HUGE stickers with lotsa decals and a loads of stacking.

The first of such cars arrived yesterday around lunch time.. We were enjoying a roll-up by the "longkang" (drain in local slang) when a loud, pearl-yellow monster trundled in to loom behind us. It's breath heated the air accompanied by a slight nasal whine... Its roars shook up the shack we were in and its huge eyes stared us into oblivion!

A middle-aged man stepped out of this beast and with a soft spoken voice, approved of the commencement to decal his pet!

I'll let the pics do the talking now... Hehehe...
The men brag of decals and turbines. Actually Eric (more popularly known locally as Ah Loy) is making some final decisions on the color scheme and placements.
Eric handing over the keys and I left for work.
But still managed to take a moment to camwhore first... Hehehe...
Evening kommen: Tommy hard at work with his tools-of-the-trade. Sticker placement was immaculately measured so not even a single rev counter was outta place.
The final outlook and Eric arrived soon after to approve and admire :P Northern Garage's the place to be at if you're a petrolhead and in Penang. High performance parts ready in stock, 2-wheel dynamometer (dyno) on hand and they also perform general repairs ;)
For the more 'net savvy/oriented, you fellas can e-mail Eric for a consultation at (as seen on his boot lid above :P)

Eric Woon (Ah Loy) : 012-4980904

Last night Tommy went to Northern Garage to install an additional decal Eric had requested.. As usual, I go kaypo-kaypo and take pics lor...

The Dastek is a nice addition to the body "work" done so far :P It brings a little contrast to the picture.
Stay tuned for more "body coverage" coming soon...


Shooke said...

woohoo.. nice car...

btw.. nice page.. lotsa info..


ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Shooke, thanks for dropping by and posting a comment.

I'm glad you found it informative.

It's always great to hear from readers.