Wednesday, July 30, 2008


After much anticipation... My twin pot brakes are installed and running.

I'd decided to use it as it is, since Chris checked it out to be ok, and do without servicing. Ran in the brake pad-rotor contours and had a blast up the Batu Feringghi touge last night to test them out.

Performance thus far is still dull, I suppose they're still running in. But the pedal feel is getting better and better so I guess its not long to go before I can touge all out! I miss the touge indefinitely... Although, I have to say, the calipers stayed cool to the touch even after a hard drive. These buggers are the shiznit! (got the cliche off an old movie :P)

Here's how they compare to my old discs. Psst... The rusty ones are my "new" discs.

And this is how it looks installed within my 17". I have to say, I love the "fullness" it brings, about how it fills out the wheels.
Due to my excitement and bouncing around during installation and cracking stupid jokes with Tommy, I didn't get many pics. I hope these suffice.

This was a mod based on need rather than want... (My old discs cracked, and another set warped and FUBAR). Just sad that I had to spend so much on this item. I hope it'll be worthwhile. Will get to know this weekend... *sly smile*

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monday night excursion(s)!

Yesterday (Monday) evening, I'd met up with Tommy to have a short chat on my way back home. Then Chris (my mech) showed up and told me the twin pot brakes are ready to be transported, thing is, I've to be the transport :P

So I'd waited with Tommy at our usual yum cha place, Fantasi Nasi Kandar, whilst Chris got himself prepped and waiting for his contact to call us up. Outta the blue, Akihito-chan (Edison) showed up in his soupped up Satria to join us for drinks and a good laugh. Then Chris called me up to fetch him as its time to go across Pg bridge to get my brakes. Sanjev had arrived as I was leaving (sorry fella) so I'd said my goodbyes coz it was getting late and I was too excited for my 2-pots!

We took a relaxing cruise across Penang Bridge and met up with Chris' contact near 99 (huge auto accs. shop in BM) for a drink and dinner, then got my calipers and rotors off him. It was 11+p.m. by then so we bid him farewell and took leave.

I dropped Chris back for a good rest coz he's an installation to do tomorrow :P And I went home beaming with joy...

I was too excited... So here are some teaser pics from last night... Hmm... I wonder how they'll perform... Pads still look new... Cost saving! :P

The rotors still looked beee-yooo-ti-fulll under all that rust. It was very even with minor deep scratches.

Check ups and full day bull session! Part 2

Evening came and so did the rain, but we wouldn't have any of it... The chatter continued into late evening and until all jobs had been completed.

Then I took leave for dinner with my girlfriend, and then some... Rest. My moment of peace was not long lived as I received an SMS and off I set to meet up with MyviClub for their inaugural BBQ session.

I went for more chit-chat and laughs, but no eats coz I'd had my dinner. Had a few puffs with the disappearing Marky Muck and shook hands all round. After a short while, I'd to push off to Gurney Drive to meet up with another group of frenzied touge enthusiasts.
*sorry for the extremely dark pics guys*

We sat at Lan Burger (Gurney round-a-bout) and chatted the night away while waiting for the roads to clear and off we went for a spirited drive! Surprisingly, Zam, Akihito (Edison), Bigshow (Sim), Sanjev, Tommy of Tommax Stickers and his lovely girlfriend, Ah Soon from RABK and his bro were all there to join in on the festivities. This place is a good spot to watch traffic as it has a clear view of the converging point for many roads leading uphill.

We ended the night fashionably with a downhill touge run, and straight home for some VERY well deserved rest!

Check ups and full day bull session! Part 1

Last Saturday, I was having routine checks on the Silver Banana at Chris' place. My car(s) always have regular check ups due to their hard life on the Teluk Bahang touge, maintaining high revs, 2nd gear pull, terrible!
Kok Kheng was there before I came by to solve some alignment issues and a stuttering engine while boost came on. He drives a pristine B8T Familia 323. Whilst I was waiting for my turn, Ah Ti (super cool Kenari party car!) came by to check some leaks on his undercarriage, which we later found was due to his engine... Can you say upcoming transplant?

Who was to come up right behind Ti but Johnson, albeit his newly acquired EP3, came in his parents' Grand Vitara for a sticker job to liven the bare exterior. It was getting to be quite a party right there.

We decided to get some drinks from the opposite mamak stall whilst we wait, just to talk bull and pass the time. Sanjev called up around lunch and asked if he could join? Of course the answer was a resounding yes! Anyone can join up for yum cha sessions as long as you can put up with the amount of nonsense and fun-filled banter :P

We moved to Tommy's shop (which a few shoplots from Chris' place) and chatted all through the afternoon there. Zam (noob to our group) called Sanjev for a meetup with Chris to tune up his 120Y running an A15 with DCNF installed! *I may have forgotten to mention that Chris IS the guy to go to for all things running carburetion, he's the carb king!*

We were all awed at his extremely clean looking 120Y and SUPER ORIGINAL oldie goldie! It takes time, patience, and only a purist can maintain such a beauty. *psst - paint costs RM3.5K*

The elusive and rarely seen DCNF 40! Wonderful carb, I used to run it off my 3E Corolla SE. I'd wish he would remove the filter, sounds more GANAS!, but he's quite conservative with his ride. Respect to this purist... *tabik hormat*
Super clean boot area, well enclosed and properly reupholstered.
There's a catch though....
Same thing goes for the interior...
Nothing is spared... Every dang last piece of crooked plastic is replaced and reupholstered to perfection. *Reupholstering exceeds 2 months*

Even the speaker boards were not spared.
His interior-man did a superb job raising the speakers on custom mounts which look flush with the original speaker boards. Kudos!

It then started to rain, but nothing would dampen our spirits... Read on for Part 2

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The long wait

I've to wait for my brakes... Dang it! I cannot tahan la... I was hoping to go up for a touge session by tomorrow night... But sadly, I can only go retrieve them (brakes) on Sunday afternoon so I'll be missing this weekend's touge session again.


Anyone wanna fetch me for a ride up the touge tomorrow night? :P

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Twin pot kommen!

Yay! My super mech Christopher had found me a good set of twin pots and am waiting anxiously for their delivery. Chris had promised to service whatever is necessary before the installation.

I hope they perform as good as I hear they do :P

Thanks to all my friends for all your effort in hunting down this item for me. The tedious search is finally over.

Hope to get them installed by this weekend and it'll be time to touge!!! I missed Teluk Bahang soooo much... I hadn't been up the touge in at least a month... Started to get calls this week di, lotsa friends kaki gatal liao! (You know who you are!)

Thanks again guys. Cheers!d

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Discs, grime and Tim Tams

I was at Christopher's (as usual) this weekend and we were checking the undercarriage for loose items and such since there was not much work on hand, and there was a funny squeaky and knocking sound coming from down there. I was also experiencing vibrations on acceleration :(

The diagnostics came out that I had a slightly worn drive shaft, my passenger side upper arm is worn and my Ferodo discs were cracked!

I'd replaced them with my stock ones for now, which are warped beyond recognition, and deeply grooved beyond commprehension. I'm in the process of looking for a set of twin pot Eterna/Perdana brakes complete with the knuckle. If anyone has one for sale, do let me know. TQ :P

We were also replacing one of two racing, fully solid polymer, mountings that Chris had earlier fabricated for my Perdana. Replaced with an ori rubber mount for civility. *phew* The vibrations were intolerable!

My hands got itchy so I thought I'd take a look at the throttle body since I'd never seen it b4 since I bought my baby. Lo and behold... It was the dirtiest, grimiest, sludge-infested, varnish coated blardy TB that I'd seen... I carefully removed (wiped) the sludge with a cloth, then out came the TB/carb cleaner and I'd used almost a whole bottle to clean that stuff up.

The engine felt so much more responsive and eager to rev right after. It was light on the throttle and major improvements felt.

I went home to a nice surprise, a pal of mine had brought back Tim Tams Double Coat from the Land Down Under (Aus). I still remember these from my past trip there... These fellas are sensational! *slurp* The middle layer of chocolate just melts in your mouth!

Sorry for the lousy pics, my handphone has no form of focusing available :(

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day of relaxation

Yesterday was a great day of lazing and relaxing... Hanging around and just doing nothing!

I went about Christopher's shop to get my tires changed back to more streetable ones, then to Tommax Stickers to get the decals removed and lazed around the whole day. It started to drizzle about lunch time and rightly so as it was hot as h3ll... Then we spotted this beaut little Mk I Ford Escort. Check out the paint job... It's got HIGHLIGHTS~!
I went home in the evening to a wonderful dinner with my girlfriend, she'd cooked broth on a cool stormy night, something hot and steamy for the palate, wonderful!
We had dinner in front of the TV, eating to the sounds of 300 Spartans!
Not to be left out, here's a pic of this cute little guy we found in the office under my boss' desk last week. Ain't he cute? Dang!

Track day pics!

First off, I'd like to thank my good friend Tommy for his hard work repainting and putting on the beautiful decals on my "new" helmet.

Can see part of my Shell Ferrarri collection in the background :P
Here's what we've all been waiting for... Track Day PICS~!!!

We started off in the early morning and this is the convoy waiting for the trailing participants to arrive. It was massive! You can hardly see the end.
The Penang convoy had arrived on track and the leading car, driven by a very helpful Tan, was waiting eagerly to enter.Tommy (stickerman) was helping to setup the registration counter and looking "mui" important! We had beautiful ladies helping out with registration and as "decoration" :P
Our defending champion returns for another bout.
Parit Buntar's main man, Chean, signing up for participation in his Wira GSR (1.8T). *Keong, where are you?!?!?!*
Boy was eager to "help out" with issuing the stickers. Beaut EK9 btw, sweet ride ;)

Even though it rained, nothing was to dampen our spirits and we still pounded the track with RWD monstrosities and the odd FWD "hand-brakers"! We got really wet, but we won't have it any other way.
The 1.6 and below class top three: (L to R) Champion - Teoh from Team Imperials, 1st runner up - Richard from Team Imperials, and 2nd runner up - William from Northern Garage.

Teoh and William, you guys were fast as always.. William, you've improved a lot, keep it up.

The 1.8 class Champion (again) - Suhaimi from Kiong Lee in his 1.8 MIVEC Wira.
1st runner up of the 1.8 class - Sham representing his own workshop.
Great job on the track although this man came out confused, "Saya 2nd a? I pening la, corner banyak! I biasa drag", was his first words out of the car!

2nd runner up for the 1.8 class was a pristine EK99 B16B Civic. I'm sorry I didn't get your name bro, do contact me and I'll revise this post.
The podium for the Open Class...

Champion - Suhaimi (again!)

1st runner up - Sham (again!)

2nd runner up - Beautifully modded VW Golf GTi [I'm very sorry I also did not get your name. Do contact me to review this post ;) ]

I'm sure all that had been there had their fun even when the sun shunned, and the rain came out to play. Great event and thanks all for being there... For those who've missed it, watch this space for updates on future track days, and good luck with your builds/preps!

More pics coming soon. Keep an eye out!

I'd also like to wish a gratuitious and resounding THANK YOU! to the members of RC Square for entertaining us with their superb aerial show.
p.s. Thanks for cutting the grass with your RC helicopter ya :P

Friday, July 11, 2008

Stuck on you

The Silver Banana had been scheduled for a new sticker job last month but sadly I was too busy still picking bits and pieces of errs outta its grille.

So last night Tommy of Tommax Stickers called me over to his shop as he'd be there late. As usual, chatting, drinks, and nicotine intake took place. We decided to do the stickers about 11.30p.m. and started tearing off my old ones.

Two designs went in at once...

Those that'll be there for this track day:

Much thanks to Tommy for the late night.
Thanks to Kiong Lee Enterprise for their support and help.
Obligatory stickers all round.
And even on the frontage! I managed to get them to size down though... *phew*
And those that'll be there to stay:

The old sticker was a stubborn bugger and left me with some memoirs of it.

A new design from Tommy was being put on. He did a superb job at curving the sticker along my rear windscreen.
Looks great! I love the curvature Tommy worked in on it.

My service date was almost due (in 400km time), and track day is this weekend, the little extra mileage just isn't worth the gamble. So I visited my main man Christopher (Fer Fer as we call him) during lunch time for a change of fresh engine oil and minor check-ups before the track day.
Most thanks goes to Chris for his support all these years and fantastic guidance. He has no stickers nor logo for me though... Hehehe... Will get him one soon :P