Wednesday, January 30, 2008

History of cars owned.

Hi readers,
This blog is a simple introduction to what I've driven before and a little oversight of the experience driving them.

My 1st ride is the B14 series of Nissan's Sentra (Sunny to the rest of the world) 1.6 (A). This car was a family saloon and was an auto. I went through 2 auto boxes in its lifespan of only a year in my possession performing stupid acts of bravado in my younger days.

*There are no pics of this car, much to my regret*

My 2nd and most memorable ride is the Toyota Corolla EE90 1.3 (M). This car was a beauty and it seemed to me that its handling was great during my transition from the previous Sentra to this SE. The little 1.3 went through a lot of hardships until it finally gave way when the main crank bearings cracked up. So in went a replacement 1.5 engine soon after which I installed a Weber DCNF for better breathing.

The Corolla SE is a little oversteery at stock due to differently offset wheels. This charachter and multiple misjudgements on my side ended up with me sending this car off to greener pastures.

My third and current ride is a Proton Perdana SEi (M) which I bought for a low budget. This car is my daily drive to work and fuel consumption is more or less the consumption of my previous car albeit the 500cc difference in capacity. It was an immensely confortable car save for the few squeaks and scratches which I'd done ala DIY to resolve (some are still in process).

I'd gone and spoil everything by changine to a set of Apex springs, or so I thought, but soon changed after my first trip to Ipoh and it was extremely comfortable at highway speeds. So I stuck with it but everything else is left stock.

The most amazing activity is me taking this Perdana and went swooping around the Sepang F1 circuit this past weekend. I have to say I'm quite amazed that it handles quite well if only I'd bothered to uprate the dampers and put in better tires.

At the transition from the Corolla EE90 to when I bought the Perdana, the touge monsters in me were just dying to get out so I went out to get a little toy to play around first whilst waiting. This came in the form of a Toyota Corolla TE72. This little bugger came with a fire-breather of an engine.. The 20Valve 4A-GE silvertop. Dubbed, "Project Pooh" due to its color.

I had loads of fun going for touge and bullying some larger cars on the street :P

This is Pooh when I bought it initially.

Pooh after a few touch ups by sponsors and a little DIY by myself

Whilst the TE was all fun, I had a slight mishap at a foreign touge route and due to its chassis condition, it was no longer feasible to repair. Thus it's body was scrapped and sold off, whilst the internals and all running gear was salvaged in preparation for the rise of project "Snappy 'lil KP"!!!

As mentioned, a new chassis was sourced and for the budget at hand, the best conditioned chassis I could find was a KP60 1.0(M) Toyota Starlet. This shall be the new body to facilitate all of Pooh's "heirlooms" to make for one damned SNAPPY 'lil KP~!!!

Project Snappy 'lil KP is still waiting for its heart as the old one was fried within 2 days of me gettin' the car. I was too excited and went for spirited drives which ended with my blowin' the engine.

Keep checkin' in for the updates to Project Snappy!!!

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