Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Breathing troubles

Tommy was still facing some induction woes and the engine felt a little choked up. After some self-tuning (Tommy's quite the brains now), screwing around (literally) and testing, it was concluded that his throttle body (TB) was farked!
As usual, Chris was the mech to look for in times of automotive plight. We sought his advise and Tommy had decided to go for modification instead of the replacement route... HUGE TB will be installed in place of the little choker!
New TB installed and ready to go.
Lookit' the difference in the TB diameters... Phwoar!
New TB gleaming in all its glory :)

With the new TB installed and running, we decided to give the Wira SE a test run and try out the breadth of it's new breath.

Surprisingly, there is much better throttle response and acceleration was much smoother with a broader torque band. Sweet!

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