Friday, February 26, 2010

I got Stiffer...

Adjustables that is... What were you dirty lot thinking? Believe it or not, these are my first set of proper shock & spring combo. I've always ran on cut springs, aftermarket springs and chopped absorbers, although I advise all others not to do so (I'm too cheap not to!).
Anyways, regards to Hyper Racing and HWL for kitting Silver with these awesome uprights!Fer fitted them in with the initial settings at mediocre everything and I went for a drive, but came back unappeased... So we (actually Fer did all the work whilst I blabbed away) readjusted and went for another test.
Was I satisfied? Look at the pic below and tell me what you think...
Off it all came and readjustments were warranted... We must've done this same process at least a billion times, bringing the system lower, higher, stiffer and softer... I know... I'm a real pain when it comes to stiffies but what else is there in a car?
I finally settled on what I felt is the best compromise for muar, and it was already late into the night so we bade farewell... And more adjustments after work today! Yay for me!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ya Would If Ya Could

As I'd promised, further updates are in order after the month long slow down in my blogging. Without further ado, I'll kick off our list of activities that you know ya would if ya could!

Leng got us a sweet deal to celebrate in a VIP room at a friend's joint. The place was huge with awesome facilities. Everyone was hyped up for the celebration... But who's that in the background?
Being the ever dedicated mech and workaholic, Fer was using the free internet access to search out some tech specs whilst we partied outside.
Kai Xing was having a ball on stage along with our dancer for the night...
Mr. Daniel "the horny" Civic!Cake cutting is always warranted no matter the location, and being the dedicated people us Northern Touge kakis are, we even included our sponsors list in this pic.
Leng was our silvertongue for the night... This dude could belt it out all night and still keep his voice! Kudos buddy!
During the CNY holidays, Soon had already opened shop to kit an Innova as his initial customer depsite the festivities.
Beautiful job done... Note the red crackers still on the ground as part of the Chinese festive tradition.
A spoiler was later added to complete the look.
Soon was still doing final checks on fit and finish as we were closing up. Diligence ultimate!
On the fourth day a bunch of us decided to have an auspicious touge + makan2 trip in the afternoon. As usual, we met up at Relau Shell, whom graciously allowed us to park and pose for some pics.
We then pushed off for the first stop at the peak of Jln Tun Sardon where we met up with an old friend from Balik Pulau (Blue KE70) and to get some refreshments and "jeruk" (pickled fruits).
We then traversed Balik Pulau and on to Teluk Bahang, through all the beautiful scenery and ending up at the Tropical Fruit Farm for some ice kacang and rojak. Plus, the scene there was awesome and the atmosphere serene.
After a refreshingly relaxed pit stop, the gang continued downward to the Teluk Bahang dam for a photo op.
It was a bright and sunny day out so I thought WTH, why not take a silhouette pic with all the beaut water and scenery surrounding us.
We ended the trip with Daniel (Civic), Soon (Wira GSR), Ewejin (Satria GSR), and Kenny (Wira 4G91) going for a cooling dip in the beach just down the road. Leng (KE70) and Pin (Wira 4G91) traversing back through the Balik Pulau way, and Fer, Joven (Wira GSR), and myself going for a light dinner before leaving for home.
An awesome end to an awesome Chinese New Year. I'm now back in the office... So happy working all! Cheers!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Soon Soon Bodykits

Ah Soon is officially in business and taking names... He'll be operating out of Hyper Racing located at Sunway Tunas in the Bayan Baru area. Here's pics of some of his handiwork...

Pak Li's Perdana widebody conversion.
Philip's beaut Toyota Corolla LE...
Along with all round skirts.
Daniel's low down monster.. Custom fabricated with some creativitiy and loads of passion.
Here's some earlier work which is a massive... and I do mean Massive Fiat.
Fer's Evo III with monster I/C mod fitting.
Soon's personal ride going through a mid-life crisis. Changing from Evo to Scooby.
And the man himself at work. Check out the diligence.
And if you're thinking this dude is outta touch, check out his latest project car. An Alfa Romeo 166 widebody with full bumper conversions.
And trust me, those tailpipes not only look great but sound awesome.
Feel free to ring him up at 012-5731161 for free consultation on your next autoshow exotica.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wading through some CRD Multigrade

It's the festive season and activities (especially automotive induced ones) have ground down to almost a halt with everyone beautifying and keeping their rides in check for the festive season.

I've multiple parties asking about the sudden slowing down in my blog, and I'm glad to say that nothing much has changed, only that upgrading works have been going on and everyone is still progressing in their careers and automotive wise.

One such tale is that Hyper Racing has incorporated and providing bodykit services. From skirts to wings, bumpers to aero installs, and minor modification jobs to full fibre fantasy project cars. All fibre works will be done by Ah Soon (formerly from RABK, then at Mansion II), whom is already reknown for his craftsmanship and dedication to completing kits to your fulfilment.

There will be some more changes, so watch this spot for highlights after the Chinese New Year.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Silver banana goes stag!

Staggered fitments look great especially with some fat rubber and kickin' up some dust in the touge.
Looks like a kindergartener's asymmetrical drawing but I kid you not, these tires are just awesome! Sidewall is stiff as heck (should grip like mad when corner carving) and on road manners (noise) is completely bearable.
I got these awesome pups courtesy of the guys over at Hyper Racing. These are the rare Bridgestone Potenza RE070s (standard kit on the R35 and FD2R).This is the maximum size that'll fit under Silver's fenders. All geometrical movement is unhindered.
I'm still pending a set of suspension components then off I go for the tire test... Read back here for the report.