Friday, September 26, 2008

Mango Re-visited

After driving Dennis' Mango on track last time around, along with listening to him lamenting about all the apparent issues of his beaut vehicle, I just couldn't shake the feeling that something is going on under wraps.

I decided to pay Dennis a visit yesterday and we chatted a bit about his new line of absorbers, Touge X2 and Competition, then he decided to unravel the plot behind what is to be of Mango.

Here goes.....
I found Mango stranded without shoes to walkabout.
But what's this? The ankle (anatomizing car parts vs human parts are just... Wrong!) is missing!
Guess what's going on in there? I'll leave for Dennis to update on this :P

Relocated battery to rear with super thick cables. I suspected them to be...
Welding cables!Lookit the thread count and insulation!
Similar mod coming to Silver Banana soon as I've to make space for another DIY project under the hood.
Rear quarter looks nicer than mine ever did albeit a busted lamp. Trust me when I tell you, these lights are EXTREMELY difficult to find.
Original sandblasted rear windscreen! How authentic can ya' get?
Thanks for the cuppa and char koay teow (drool all those in KL.. Nyek nyek... I'm sooo evil!), not to mention sharing your plans for Mango with me, Dennis. It's indeed a tiresome job to restore an oldie but there's nothing as satisfying!

Great job with the new line of abs and good luck with the Perdana prototype. Let me know the results ya ;)


Dennis Tan said...

lol~ bro! seems like i cannot hide my project much longer yo. i had upload the first phase of the job on my blogspot already,

check it out ;) ~

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Dennis, sorry for bursting your proverbial bubble but dang, the project is getting to be a fantastic build (especially your plans for it) I couldn't help but updating!

Cheers on the superb build. See ya soon ya!