Monday, September 29, 2008

My big bro, Hai - PAWNED!!!

The title may seem a little misleading but... That's what happens to us all when we get wed right? We share our family and fortunes with an exemplary model of exuberant beauty... And we get handed a passbook which has to be signed or stamped for approval everytime we pick up the car keys without the missus in tow! Hahaha... So in short, we're (the men) PAWNED!
So here's where it all happened. The Wonderland Restaurant just next to Komtar.
The beautiful view of downtown Penang, the heart of Georgetown, as seen from the restaurant.
The beautiful reception hall.
And the stage where its all going to happen.
I also had a photo op with the beauties from our planning department, although, I have to say that women take GREAT efforts to beautify. I didn't even recognize half of them!
Our in house live band with Kek as vocalist, which the groom thought he'd do much better... So he did! With YS on the bass, Alvin (hidden behind the groom) as lead guitar, and Greg (fr Texas) as second string!
The bride was invited up on stage by the groom for a love ballad in her honor!
Everyone's favourite production manager was pissed drunk since he was voted as "the best alcoholic wingman"! Bwahahaha.... Lookit how red he is!
Then on Sunday morning, it was time to go grab that bride. To snatch her from the clutches of freedom and throw her into the abyss of bliss...?!?!?!
Here are the lead cars, the Nissan Murano Impul! Beautiful machines.
Little bro Impul Latio was there too as support crew! Snappy, loving the color silver, was driving the second Myvi from the left, also as support crew... The twist is that I drove there alone, to fetch the bridesmaids home! I love my job!
The beautiful bride all in white, and the groom beaming from ear to ear. Congratulations bro! Family photo of the groom's family. So who's nexxxt?!?! Hahaha... Congratulations and may all your wishes be fulfilled...
p.s. I got to "tipu" (con) two ang pows from the groom... Nyek nyek nyek!

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