Monday, September 22, 2008

Quaint dinner with Daniel

After the day's ordeal, Daniel and I went for a quaint dinner to settle ourselves... He brought me to a roadside shack for some awesome noodle soup.
There were simple stalls setup around the shack and food were sold off mobile stalls (trishaw, van, and lorry).
An uncle that has sold satay there for more than 20yrs.
Noodle soup stall.
Drinks shack.
Patrons enjoying a simple makan-makan session.
The satay was excellent, it was full of meat and NO FAT!
The noodles were finished in a hurry as we were too famished from the day's activities... So, sorry no pics. But I can tell ya, it tasted satisfyingly light and just enough flavor to tingle the tastebuds.
The light dinner was just what we needed at the end of a tiring day :)

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