Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shisha moments...

I was having dinner with Raj and Tommy opposite Northern Garage and Jasom (Bom) called up to join in the lazy evening with us.

We were finishing up as Jason arrived and he'd proposed we pay a visit to Istimewa Nasi Kandar for some "Smokin' Good Times"... Shisha style!

I thought to myself, Soon (bodykit dude) is still hard at work, so why not eh? So I agreed to tag along too.

We ordered the shisha and shortly after, it was lit and after Raj did the "honors", we had "smoke on the water" (ala Deep Purple).

The tool of our night's enjoyment. Can anyone recognize whose black hairy leg that is, and what the shisha pipe is doing down there? Hahaha... Sorry Raj... Oops... Did I just give that away? Bwahahaha...
We were all imitating dwa-goons!
Dragon Black... The faraj monster! (You get it, don't you mate?)
The ScAv monster bellows on the tiny land of cups.
The land of cups still covered in ScAv monster's smoke :P
I'd like to go again... Another flavor next round :D


fantasymyth said...

man... the smoke got few flavors one ah?

ScAvEnGeR said...

Got quite a few la... Not bad. But the ones with mint are good since it further cools the sensation of the shisha.