Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday DIY session!

Every Sunday is a DIY session for the gang and this time around, I finally made it to one. We all met up around lunch time, some ate, some of us didn't, but all were hungry to learn more of DIY (do-it-yourself) and gaining knowledge while having hands-on experience.

I had to change out my cam cover gasket as it was leaking like mad since the last rebuild and engine oil was freaking everywhere!!! Soon had recently just changed his gasket as well, so he'd already have the silicone, I just had to buy the gasket. Sharing is caring ma :P

Tommy had an outstation friend over so he took leave first wilst Soon and I began "operating" on the 4G63 lump under the guidance of Fer Fer (Chris' nick).
Lookit my precious lube...
Staining me beaut engine and dirtying it up... Down lor...
The new Mikado gasket and gasket maker.
Versa Chem, Mega Grey Gasket Maker, is one of the better ones out there.
New spark plug port gaskets installed.
We took our own sweet time washing it clean and "kap-siao-ing" whilst deciding what to do with the cover since it was already off :) We finally landed on a decision to paint it so it'd have the clean look and to refurbish the 13 year old stains and varnish.

Lots of colors and suggestions came to mind and I had to put my foot down (for the greater good) on silver.

Here is the cover painted and plastered with more stickers! (Thanks Tommy)
Mega Grey is generously applied on all sides as a safety precaution and as extra assurance.
Overspill after the gasket is installed is wiped clean.

Bro Soon was also helping out on his day off. Thanks bro, your experience is much appreciated :)
Soon asking for some tools.
The munkey Dan-Dan and his new found "victim", with nothing to do except to indulge in his t-shirt humor, the cunt ran around disturbing everyone. Heh, I told you I'd get you back... Words are eternal ;)
The clean looking engine bay after cleaning, painting, and reinstallation.
Cute choice of words, thanks to Daniel and Tommy.
Fer Fer also brought out his old war barge to have some speakers installed since its seeing much less "street" use anymore.

This old girl used to step to the beat of a twin Weber carburetted 3A engine, and used to run with B16As anytime! But due to the infrequency of use (since the VR4 was bought), and the cost to maintain such an engine, it has since been converted.
Battle damage and effects of nature's wrath.
Do you see that huge muffler? Chris was explaning the finer sides of the Corolla LE to Soon.
Silver Banana sneaks a peek.. Camwhore moment.
See the dashboard? Guess what's in it now... Corolla fans would have known and are drooling by now.
More teasers... That is an original leather wrapped AE92 Levin steering wheel.

Hmm... What if... *wonders*
Sadly, the bonnets are pinned down...
With proper locks...
OK OK OK... Here's the engine... You likey? I likey berry mooch!
The day came to a close around dinner time and everyone went home satisfied and well relaxed.

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