Monday, September 15, 2008

Sifu's Wedding Reception

As we mature and develop, the marital clock ticks and nags at our threads of life. In no time, we find ourselves fallen prey... er... betrothed and thus ending our lively social calendar. One such victim... uhm... lucky person is my touge sifu of old and DIY king, Johnson Lam, whom had his reception last weekend.

We attended the beautiful reception and dinner with lots of "yam seng" (Chinese toast similar to "cheers", "kampai" or "salute"), laughter and prodding jokes!
The bride and groom's entrance.
TBS' Cam-"No.33"-saw
The cuter one of the night... VictorGR as No. 34.
(L-R) Cushion Hao, Lau Chua (Old Snake), and Chin Hooi (tireman).
Gay Wayward (Timmy) and his sexy pose!
Superb evening... Too bad cannot touge after coz it rained and I'm running on "full racing slicks" :P

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