Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The Snappy one is glad to bring you another offer, this one on pipes, from our sponsor.
Kiong Lee Penang, situated at Bukit Jambul right next to Kayu Nasi Kandar, has prepared great deals and offers for the performance enthusiast going for the Northern Touge Race Day this year end.
Pipes, extractors, resonators and mufflers. You name it, they've got it... At the very least, it can be ordered for you.
With great workmanship, reasonable pricing and friendly service (although not at all times, we all get cranky on the job aye?), it's the place go for all your piping work.
Just spec them on power gains or mid RPM improvement, they're on the job.
Cheers and happy motoring!


One of our sponsors, Chian Soon Tyre Battery at Bukit Jambul (right behind Kayu Nasi Kandar), is offering performance tires for all Northern Touge "friends and family" (and participants).
Just provide me with the make, model and size of the tires you need by 15th of October 2009 and Chian Soon will get it for you at a promotional price! You can place your orders with Leng or the Snappy one himself.

Leave your order in the comments section along with your name and phone number or you can contact us at the numbers below:
Leng: 012-575 7555
ScAvEnGeR: 012-407 7575

Cheers and happy motoring!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Of events and Northern Touge

Northern Touge will be holding an event this year end and I guarantee you an update once the posters are up. Although, I'm glad to see the entire Penang already buzzing with this news wave (new has reached down till KL thanks to the Blue Imp for making it happen) even before the official "press release" happening right here on the Snappy one's blog! Be sure of more categories, more opportunities and awesome (but friendly lah!) competition!
I'm glad to see such enthusiastic response and undying support from all Penangites. Also, much thanks to the sponsors for their support, merchandise, and service. My heartiest gratitude to you all!

It's time to start prepping your drivers and cars, one and all, it's gonna be a blast of an event!

*Keep posted right here on the Snappy blog for event updates*

You can also contact Leng or myself for participant registration or drop me a comment on the blog or meet up with our team for sponsorship and marketing opportunities.
Leng: 012-575 7555
ScAvEnGeR: 012-407 7575

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bashful Blue Babe joins the NT Family

I got a call from Chun that another buddy will be joining the Norther Touge family with hurried intent. I arrived to the sight of a bashful blue babe hidden in a dark corner waiting for its engine mounts to be fabricated and installed.
Our new buddy will be running a 4A-GE 20Valve Blacktop under its bonnet! (As you can see from the overexposed picture below) I've always only imagined how this setup will run and here it is, right before my eyes. It should be a super smooth touge monster with its lightened internals and its advanced VVT-i system should pose more than a worthy threat to the usual touge kaki.

Check out all 4 of the ITBs (independant throttle body) just gleaming to be opened WOT (wide open throttle). Can't wait for a test drive! See ya soon buddy!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Eekay schmeekay... The Power of Dreams

I recently came across pics of this interesting looking Civic (EK model) which had an interestingly HUGE chunk of metal under its bonnet.
After some searching and endless scurrying around the entangled worldwide web of uploaded digital crap. I finally zero-ed in that this is a supercharged 3.2-litre V6 VTEC engine!!!
I got bored looking at Hondas with their plethora of K20 transplants and buzzing B-series revvers, this indeed is a refreshing and much welcomed oxymoron, albeit unorthodox mod.
I'm sure it'll handle like a piece of butter on a hot pan on track, but with that beautiful bodywork, and pulsating heart, I'll just kick back and smoke teens in their "rice rockets"~!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Successful Brew

No not the alcoholic variety. Today's my first day trying out the Kombucha culture and this tonic seems terrible at first smell due to its pungent aroma. But when refrigerated and drank cool, the flavor is sweet with a hint of sour (kind of like sourish sparkling wine) and since I used green tea, it also had a refreshing aftertaste. My successful culture is perfectly white and without any contaminations. I went so far as to wash every utensil that will come in contact with the brewing process and I even scrubbed my hands according to sanitary standards posted at hospitals. You can see the culture in small volume on the container to the right.Let's see if the health benefits are as what has been claimed, I'll drink according to the consumption instructions I've compared throughout multiple sites I found online. One should consume 3 times a day. Morning before breakfast, noon after food, and evening. It is known in pharmacology that absorption of certain active substances (e.g., certain fungicides) into the bloodstream or lymphstream is reduced if taken before meals. The small amounts of antibiotic substances contained in Kombucha are rendered especially effective when the beverage is taken in the morning on an empty stomach whereas, for example, the organic acids stimulate a better functioning of the digestive processes when the beverage is taken after the more ample midday and evening meals.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Of the Black Bitch and Doughnuts

The Hairy One's (Ah Soon) Black Bitch had been MIA for some time so I popped on over to check up on him just to see if all's well. What came to me was a half empty engine bay...
And a disassembled tranny (transmission/gearbox) laying sprawled across the shopfloor.
Soon did a DIY gearbox bearing swap! So proud of him! Upon completing the process, where else to better test the fittings than at the T_ _G_.... C'mon, you guys know where :P
All's well and fine and Soon was brimming from ear to ear.
Something completely irrelevant: I was at Pranging meeting up with secondary school friends last weekend and I came across this doughnut shop called Bloggers! I hadn't had the chance to try it out yet since we were passing it on our way back from lunch.
This place would definitely be a place I'd like to visit some time. We're too full of Big Apple and Krispy Kremes :(

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Northern Touge... Central Chapter :P

Our Central (Malaysia) Chapter members (che wah!) called up and told us they were coming up to Northern Touge HQ (Pg la of course) so Daniel (Touge Monk) made a few short calls to the fellows and we had a TT organized in no time.
As we were going to meet up, The Monk called up and relayed to us that Shaz (Blue Imp) was running on a steel to rotor brake setup. So Fer and I went on over to Northern Garage to get a set of pads for him and we met up to install these.
Fer, being his usual helpful self, installing the brake pads onto those beeautiful Brembo calipers with Shaz and better half looking on. Awesome! I want my brakes to grow up like those :P
This dude is what you call a driver... He's ran the paint off those rims! Check out the discoloration!!!
A couple of drinks and a simple photo shoot was in order as it was getting late and it was a weekday. Great times! We should definitely do it again.
(L-R): ScAvEnGeR, Raj (Yup.. He's the Merc!), The Monk (Civic EK), Blue Imp (DC5) and Short Fart (L200)
Great to see you again Shaz and sorry I didn't get a pic of you, Dinesh. And to Shaz, I hope you brought Aliaa for her beloved Cendol, you know there ain't nothin' like it is in Penang!

Monday, August 3, 2009

A visitor, hitting 400, and a Meguiar's treat

I'd recent received an SMS from an unknown number whom identified himself as Daniel stating his request for touge and to meet up. Being the ever friendly dude I am (ahem!), anyone's welcome within the Northern Touge group. Turns out it's a visit from Daniel of Danau Motorsports and his pristine MR2. A touge was inevitable and we chatted the night away, talking of future collaborations and past experiences.
It was a relieving Sunday morning drive when I realised I'd finally hit 400kms on a full tank of gas which I hadn't done so in a while. Thanks to Fer for touching up my settings and getting my electronics in order. Amazing what a little tweak does.
Finally, since it was a sunny day out, I got down to washing my car for the first time since the re-paint and decided to treat it to some Meguiar's Carnauba wax.
A little steeply priced, but it's well worth the cost and effort. I never noticed all the glittery stuff I had on.
I just couldn't resist another snapshot of Silver in all it's temporary shiny glory.
A well spent weekend I'd say. Cheers to all!

Fermented Tea?!?!?!

I've read of the Kombucha vitality drink for some time and had always wanted to brew my own batch. I lucked out last week and a colleague of mine gave me a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) and a starter culture to kick off my first batch of Kombucha.

Preparation of the brew must be done with extreme care and cleanliness need to be observed. Clean everything that comes in contact with the SCOBY. Heat up 3 litres of water and stir in 200grams of brown sugar. Once all the sugar dissolves, bring the solution off heat and steep 4-5 tea bags (I used green tea) to preference. Once the solution cools, pour into a clean container (to ensure no vapor forms on the SCOBY infused brew).Cover the top with a porous material, of either fabric or fibre. I used kitchen towels which is used to allow the SCOBY to breathe.
In fear of suffocation, I punctured a few more holes in the "cover" just in case.

Now leave in a cool dry place (preferably 27-32 degrees Celcius) for a week to two and pour (sieve) into small containers and place in the refrigerator to enjoy a cool refreshing drink.