Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Invitation to Kenko's Opening

Kenko Reflexology with Dr. Fish had just opened an outlet at Gurney Plaza and my pal had invited me to come for the ceremony this past Sunday. Heck, I had nothing to do anyway... So here goes!

On my way to Gurney in Ann's Myvi. She was making cute and fugly faces. Kenko... The Reflexology and Fish Spa. They had cute animals to attract the crowd.
I especially loved the Raccoon.
He was "mui" active.
And extremely curious!
The animal the every other animal is afraid of... Stinky... Skunk.
There was also a Wallabee.
Receptionist... Leng Lui... *I got punched in the arm for that*
Free buffet!!! Main attraction... No doubt!
The place was packed with invited ppl and customers alike.
Check out the little feet and even "little-er" fishes!The hidden away massage parlor. At least our flabbi-ness will be only revealed behind closed doors :P
There's a feet washing area before going up to the Dr. Fish pools.
The abundance of "food" (dead feet skin) for the little fishes to nibble away.
Lookit the amount of ppl there... Even with the air cond on, it was getting stuffy.
Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa located at Level 3, Gurney Plaza. I believe it's where the World of Feng Shui was previously located. There are multiple packages available, check them out if you've some free time and feel like getting your feet tickled :)

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