Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jews, Gays, and other Stereotypes

I think this movie is gonna get so much crap from the media. It is the most racist movie ever to be seen. Trust me on this one. Shit is crazy. There is going to be an outrage on this one S.B.C…
There were funny parts in it but it was a pretty big bashing of gay ppl, Jews, and others… Sacha is out of hand. I’m sure people are gonna be offended..
Borat was nothing, compared to this…
I just can't wait!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dragon's Flight

After his maiden trip to the track last weekend, Leng was still doubtful of his Dragon70's abilities and stance, so we tested it out on the local touge!
Ewe Jin, in his pristine Kancil L200, called up just in time to catch the Dragon on his way up. After a short session and a couple of discussions later, a few flaws were identified and will be rectified over the weekend.

Watch out world, catch the Dragon's flight soon!

Eagles of a Feather

I paid a short visit to Fer at Chian Soon Tyre yesterday to resolve some alignment woes and Chan (Fer's boss) approached me, utered to me some gibberish and to follow him. Seeing his ever willing-ness to help out us enthusiasts, I gladly did.
It turns out his new shipment had arrived that very day and he was bragging about his brand new F1 Asymmetrics to me.

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric on the left (upright) as compared to the Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 piled up on the right.
So I proceed to check out the tires and these seem extremely solid and made for cornering grip. Stiff blocks all around and aggresive threading are the composure of this tire. After the perusal, he made me an excellent offer.. And I'm honestly tempted!
Drop me a thought...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Pic with Soon's "Scooby"

I went to meet Soon after work yesterday to see how his Blackie was doing and I'm pleased to say he's done it again! This dude has excellent craftsmanship and loads of patience to finely grind out all the rough edges.
Check out all the angles and fins on his new bumper.
Here's a closer look at the unit.
I just love how he manages to fit everything and actually make them jive!
A frontal shot of the upcoming touge monster.
Oh! And just a mind bender for you, this is a pic of Ray's meter whilst he was hot lapping. See anything wrong? We were in fifth gear.
He still managed to top out champ in his class with this kinda gearing!!! Go figure!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fly like an Eagle!

I'd experienced massive undulations and a whole lot of vibrations the past couple of weeks since I got my car and something was just not right. However, I soldiered on until the instability of the tire got quite dangerous, especially in light of current weather conditions (Malaysia has its monsoon season during its third quarter, or July to September)

So I drove on over to Fer's place (Chian Soon Tires right behind Kayu Nasi Kandar and Kiong Lee at Bukit Jambul) to have my tires checked. Tire pressures were all spot on... but upon removal, the threads were worn all the way through and I was already driving on the thread markers and my tires were already bulging (the worst condition). Fer got me an excellent deal for the Goodyear Eagle F1's, his shop is one of the largest Goodyear dealers in Penang. As the Eagle F1's have been rated and reviewed to be the best wet handling tire on the market, and our current weather, I grabbed at them hot off the bench.

I was just observing the difference in thread depth between the two, and the disadvantages of running a heavy car rears its (figurative) ugly, rubber consuming head. I just love the aggresive thread design... Dang, the thread looks awesome!
After driving around a while, I found that these tires are indeed a great all rounder with excellent grip in the dry and unbelievable grip in the wet, very progressive loss of traction, not as much road noise as my Kumhos and fantastic high speed stability (110km/h in a straight line of course).

Plus line tracking (tracing) and all round stability was up from the Kumhos.There's no doubt as to why it outranked all other tires as an all round performer on multiple independant tire tests.

Two thumbs up from me!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

A relaxing weekend

I had a wonderful lunch at Passions of Kerala last Saturday and the settings were just authentic for the Indian cuisine offered.
Banana leaves were set out as plates for us to eat off.
Then the vegetarian dishes were served.. And if you're a first timer to the banana leaf meal, it's good to note that all the dishes and rice can be refilled buffet style!
Rice was poured on and the accompanying light dhall curry and pappadam was served.
After that I met up with my buddy Ben who's just gotten back from Russia on summer vacation from his medical studies.So we visited Sunset Bistro, which is located along a beautiful patch of Penang's beaches, for some beers with my laptop for checking out his travel log and a cigar he'd brought back from his trips around Europe.
It was only 4p.m. and the place was teeming with a bustling crowd of sun-loving revellers.
Sadly, that night, my grandad was admitted to the hospital due to constipation and a slight infection and luckily everything turned out well on Sunday afternoon. So all's well that ends well.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Silver gone Black!

I woke up to a gloomy, rainy Saturday morning and I just sat by Silver with a good cup of java for company. Under the incandescent lighting, with the droning sound of rain splatter, and caffeine early in the morning, the play of light on Silver's pearly paint just struck me that the wheels are too dang shiny in all its hyper-silver glory. A re-paint then!

Off I went to RPM, paint and masking tape in one hand, and sandpaper in the other, we were going to initiate the re-paint. Here's a picture of the all shiny rims in hyper silver.
And this is after a mild scrub using the industrial grade paper my buddy hooked me up with. Super efficient with water, the abrasives keep going on and on. I only used a 3"x6" strip to finish off scrubbing all 4 rims.
This is a close up of the scrub marks. Check out the spokes, all the lacquer and paint is gone!!!
Scrubbed down, scratched up and cleaned with Fab.
Then air dried to void contaminants and particles from the surface.
I did the masking job to prevent overspray and to maintain the perfectly polished lip.
Front rims were sprayed and proceeding to mask and spray the rears.
Fer doing all the spraying. He has amazing control of the spray cans in small areas. I swear he could be a graffiti artist in some past life.
The painter double checking all his fine work then the finishing touches will be layered on.

Fer doing the second layer of black which is also the third layer of paint if you count the undercoat.
Finally, the fruit of our 2 hour labor was a super shiny finish and all this was done in rainy weather! Sweet!
I then met up with Soon to see how he was doing with his project Scooby. He's doing all the re-wiring and minor adjustments on his own during free time. R-E-S-T-E-C-P.
We finished off a wonderful day of cooling weather, DIY projects and wonderful company with a Teochew dinner at Sunway Tunas.

Inaugural cruise with Silver

I'd just got Silver (my one and only.... car) back from Leong's (the painter) last week, so I went to do a little cruising as I'd missed Silver so much during its absence. I only managed to cruise down the street from my place, only to land up at Soon's shop for him to install my side skirts (now painted... Finally!) and to check up on his hybrid Scooby.

Here's Soon prepping my skirt for the install. He is a very dilligent worker by any standards. R-E-S-T-E-C-P~!!! (I watch Ali G a little too much)
And Soon's plastic surgery on the Black Bitch is almost done... It's gonna be a beaut Scooby.Soon was done in a flash and as it was still super early, I continued with the cruise and saw this incident.
A Honda City (with a tipsy driver) smashed into the curb, then onto a Honda Accord, and finally onto another set of pavement and ended up turtled.
Luckily there were loads of helpful fellows around and they literally "turned" the situation right side up.
Well at least the headlight still works... One of them anyways...
Silver being fed with RON 97 Unleaded. Looks so nice and fat with the skirts installed. Sweet!

A shocking end to an otherwise wonderful evening of cruising with tunes in Silver. Don't drink and drive y'all. Cheers!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Will Roegge

This dude, although recently graduating from film school, is making waves along the Formula D series and capturing, auditing and simply filming awesome videos for multiple series and races.
Edited, but still looks sweet!
Formula D in Atlanta
Workin' in the rain...
This is the man himself.
His signature is always a hunched panda with a speech bubble containing his initials. Creative, expect no less from this guy.
You can catch him at or watch his vids at


I was surfing around for some nice wallpapers since lunch time is around the corner and just couldn't resist posting this "epitome of ostracization"
New kid on the block?
'Nuff said!

Sharpie Hoodie

This dude out in the other side of the hemisphere is awesome at graffiti and some canvas jobs so he thought he'd try out his Sharpie skills on his buddy's Bimmer.
Although you can still see the drawn lines up close (real close), but check it out when you look from afar.
Simply AWESOME~!!!
I'd have to say it was to great success, don't you think?
After which, my peepers accidentally picked up on a beautiful set of eyes... Now tell me if you can stare her in the eyes. Honest!

Numb nuts

I saw this awesomly funny pic on the net and thought I'd share with you dear readers. These bunch of buddies thought they'd dyno their Miata MX-5 one evening, so they strapped it on the rollers and ended the evening with worn tires and equally hurt egos.
No Miatas were hurt in that evening's activities.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Of lunch and Silver

My colleagues and I went for lunch last Friday at Cargas Cafe (excellent stingray curry and superb fried chicken). We went in a pals Honda City and en route, we found this pair of uber gay sunglasses in his glove compartment which he humoured us by putting it on and posing for us.
After a hearty meal, we were given rolling class by our machinist buddy. Awesome skill, he could use 2 leafs to combo into one huge dooby!
Lookit the size of that sucker!
After a hearty meal, we rushed back to work as we had a PFMEA to complete. After work, I was feeling a little dreary driving the SLK (small little kancil) around for two weeks, so I decided to give Silver a visit.
I'd always wanted to have a dark silver shade and my buddy Leong hooked me up with some wicked pearl effect dark silver he'd whipped up and some purty good lacquer.

They were doing some finishing touches as per my request. A little flat black here and there never hurt anyone right?
Leong, the master painter himself, was working on the finishing touches and minor touch ups.
The assisstant doing some final detail checking on the front to make sure there's nothing left unpainted.
I have to admit that the paint looked nice and dark in the shade, but not what I'd expected to see. After the rub down and polishing, the painters moved my car out into the light and I saw what I'd orinigally wanted. Silver was now a nice dark shade almost similar to the one found on the Altezza.
Awesome! I can't wait to drive it...
Last night my buddy, who's studying med in Ukraine, arrived and asked me to pick him up at the airport and have a drink. After drinks he passed me a container of microwaveable Siew Mai flown in from HK (his transit). Instant foods are definitely picking up eh?
An excellent end to a great weekend all in all... Silver should be out soon.