Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

'Tis the night of ghouls and ghosts,
'Tis the night the cauldron bubbles.
'Tis the night, a hillrun we shall host,
'Tonight, we shall the revel, the engines gurgle!

Happy Halloween to one and all... I'd definitely like to organize a Halloween Night Touge tonight!

Let's meet at 1.00a.m. at the usual Caltex!

Interested in coming along? ^_^
But don't come lookin' like this fella la...
Tipsy is not the way you wanna drive on a road with rock solid walls to one side and a thinly barrier'd coaastline on the other!

Wonderful morning!

Mark and I were just too darn tired with all the pigging out during Deepavali and heavy lunches that we just hopped on and drove the Silver Banana down to e-Gate for a good 'ol Veggie Delight Subway Sandie. It all looked so nice and fresh that there was just nothing left to my resistance... I asked for every type of veggie on offer and every pickle as well.

I had a foot long sandwich for the afternoon filler, along with some iced lemon tea and a couple of soft cookies (which are my fav kind - you get to savor the flavor).
My super sandie bursting with nature's goodness. Tak boleh tutup ni!
This morning, I woke up to smooth flowing bowel movement (much thanks to the amount of vegs y'day) and even smoother traffic on my way to work. I'd just arrived at the traffic light exiting my area and I caught sight of a beautiful rainbow that seemed to stretch all the way to my house (wonder if got pot of gold a tonight?).
It's just these kinda little things that gets me kicking la... I am in a "ponna" (very) bright and cheery mood this morning and with real zest for life.

I guess the best things in life are free and they're meant to be. It's just that marketing and advertisements have conditioned our mindset and averted our eyes on to a more materialistic perception. *point-to-ponder*

Further WTF-ness?!?!?!

My routine morning browse of the local online papers brought about more WTF-ness~!!!
"WHAT’S the fuss all about? Why would a routine temporary appointment stir up so much rhetoric among politicians and NGOs?

A storm of protest has erupted ever since Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim announced that veteran corporate executive Low Siew Moi would be appointed acting general manager of the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS).
Low: Her appointment as PKNS acting general manager has drawn protests from certain quarters.
Khalid had earlier said that Low’s appointment would be a temporary arrangement until a suitable candidate was found to head the PKNS. But, his choice of Low has not gone down well with certain quarters.

On Tuesday, the Selangor Malays Residents Action Body held a protest against the appointment outside the state secretariat building in Shah Alam.

According to Shah Alam Umno information chief Mohd Azhar Othman, the appointment is against the main aim and policies behind the setting up of the corporation and marks the first time it would be led by a non-bumiputra.

It is certainly and surely sad that after 51 years of independence, there are still people, including so-called leaders, who cannot look beyond the racial lines.

Azhar’s statement is only partially correct – the PKNS was set up in 1964 and has been headed by a Malay general manager ever since.

But, is the appointment of a non-Malay contrary to the aims and policies of the corporation? Or ultra vires the Federal Constitution? Or in violation of the special rights of the Malays? Or even an insult to the Sultan, as suggested by one NGO leader?

I don’t think so and, I am sure, many right and fair-minded fellow citizens of all races will agree with me.

The PKNS is a major property developer in Selangor, having built the state capital Shah Alam and the many modern townships like Kelana Jaya and Kota Damansara. To date, the corporation has built about 150,000 housing units in the state.

According to the corporation’s website, its stated mission is in line with the state policies to promote stability, harmony and social justice.

It seeks to achieve these lofty goals by the implementation of property development, commercial and industrial development and investment.

Its objectives are to encourage and develop housing estates, industry, commercial and new economic centres. agriculture and carry out other approved activities.

Low is eminently qualified to take the reins at the PKNS, having served the corporation for over 33 years, including holding the post of deputy general manager (corporate development) for the past 11 years.

It is learnt that Low will only serve as the acting general manager until a right candidate has been identified.

Selangor state executive councillor Ronnie Liu has confirmed that the Pakatan Rakyat component parties, including PAS, had given their full backing to the Mentri Besar on his decision to appoint Low.

The DAP and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) have publicly endorsed the appointment while PAS has not objected to it.

“PAS has only requested for preference to be given to candidates the party feels are suitable to lead the organisation,” Liu told StarMetro.

Otherwise, Liu said, the state government had no plan to reconsider its decision on Low’s appointment.

He said Low, who was due for retirement soon, had been appointed in an acting capacity to hold the fort pending a permanent appointment later.

“So, we don’t understand why people are trying to make an issue of this,” he said.
The real issue, however, is not Low’s appointment but the very sad and disappointing racial overtone of the whole matter.

When are we ready to come of age and accept each other without the consideration of colour, creed, culture and class?"
After more than half a century of tolerance and racial unity, it seems that our "landlords" are still not accepting us "immigrants" as part of society. Sadly, a leader that has been judged based on ability and comprehension of current issues are of less importance as compared to race/religion.
After more than half a century and we're still in the dark ages...
After more than half a century and we're still clawing our way up the world...
After more than half a century and racialism is still apparent...
When will we come of age?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

WTF?!?! 0_0

I was just browsing through the local online papers this morning and I saw an article entitled, "National Fatwa Council - ruling on yoga exercise". So being the curious mind that I am, I explored and found that it was indeed what I pictured in my mind... An excercise routine developed to increase spiritual and physical wellbeing is against a religion?!?!?!

"GEORGE TOWN: The National Fatwa Council will soon come out with a ruling on yoga exercise.
The Islamic Development Department’s deputy director-general (operations) Othman Mustapha said the council’s chairman, Prof Datuk Dr Abdul Shukor Husin, would make the announcement.

Othman told reporters this after opening the two-day seminar on Islamic Jurisprudence and Eternal Islamic Thinking at Universiti Sains Malaysia here yesterday.
On Tuesday, lecturer Prof Zakaria Stapa of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s Islamic Studies Centre advised Muslims who have taken up yoga to stop practising it as it could deviate from their belief. – Bernama"

And here I thought that we, of the Malaysian mindset and of racial harmony, were already well into the 21st Century. But heck, we're getting the same shite that's happening the the US vice-precidential election of Obama vs Palin. Whilst Obama is talking 21st century rationalism, his competition talks of Dark Age inanity.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The wet one!

Last Friday, as seen in my previous post, was a super wet evening that lasted all the way through 'till well past midnight. But being the fervent touge enthusiast that we were, we went up anyway!

Mark brought along his very snappy Nikon DSLR and snapped a few.
The green monster await-eth (got this word a?) its prey.
The prey com-eth! VictorGR from had come to join in on the fun to be had on the slippery slopes. See how wet it is?!?!
The yollow terror is well fed and waiting to devour Teluk Bahang tarmac. I got a huge shock to see it re-painted again to a super shocking yellow baby...
Both cars filled and heading up to the usual attack route.We arrived at the dam shortly and whilst having our rest and usual puff, Mark was bitching about how the droplets would dew up his lens and cause molding on his DSLR. The cones are there for a purpose :P
The green monster lurks ever so near to its new prey..
MAzda RX-7 FC quite literally "under the spotlight". - A group I'd gronw up with during our earlier years and I'm still proud to be a member of this super cool group of friends.
I eventually got to do some donuts with Victor's FC (with permission of course) without fear of busting a tire. See? I told you its fun when wet!
I'll upload the video soon once I get internet access to a host server. Stay tuned!

Friday, October 24, 2008

OMFG~!!! AGAIN~!!!

The heaven's cracked a clap... And all's seen shall be unseen... Even the hills are almost behind heavy rain cover :(
Guess all my earlier predictions came true yet again... I should be the weather man or something :S

Look at our motorbike parking area... Swamped~!!! Super heavy, cats & dogs, donkey's balls, and cows & horsies rain...
Nothing shall stop me from going up the touge... The passion burns brightly still.. *Me sounds sooo inspirational.. Almost guru-like*

Anyhow.. I guess its wet laps again tonight~! See y'all there...

Of wavey flags and what they mean.

Since most of us are having track days coming up, I thought it'd be prudent to share this little bit of info with you fellas before hitting the track for hot laps.
Flags used in Auto Racing (FIA)source :

Flag Marshals at various points around the circuit are issued with a number of standard flags, all used to communicate vital messages to the drivers as they race around the track. A special display in each driver’s cockpit - known as a GPS marshalling system - also lights up with the relevant flag colour, as the driver passes the affected section of track.

Traveling at such high speeds, it may be hard for a driver to spot a marshal’s flag and this system helps them identify messages from race control more effectively.
Chequered flag - Indicates to drivers that the session has ended. During practice and qualifying sessions it is waved at the allotted time, during the race it is shown first to the winner and then to every car that crosses the line behind him.

Yellow flag - Indicates danger, such as a stranded car, ahead. A single waved yellow flag warns drivers to slow down, while two waved yellow flags at the same post means that drivers must slow down and be prepared to stop if necessary. Overtaking is prohibited.

Green flag - All clear. The driver has passed the potential danger point and prohibitions imposed by yellow flags have been lifted.

Red flag - The session has been stopped, usually due to an accident or poor track conditions.

Blue flag - Warns a driver that he is about to be lapped and to let the faster car overtake. Pass three blue flags without complying and the driver risks being penalised. Blue lights are also displayed at the end of the pit lane when the pit exit is open and a car on track is approaching.

Yellow and red striped flag - Warns drivers of a slippery track surface, usually due to oil or water.

Black with orange circle flag - Accompanied by a car number, it warns a driver that he has a mechanical problem and must return to his pit.

Half black, half white flag - Accompanied by a car number, it warns of unsporting behaviour. May be followed by a black flag if the driver does not heed the warning.

Black flag - Accompanied by a car number, it directs a driver to return to his pit and is most often used to signal to the driver that he has been excluded from the race.

White flag - Warns of a slow moving vehicle or official car or ambulance on track.

*Can't see white flag coz my background's white... But you get what I mean rite???*

Skies of dread

It has been a really wet week up here in Penang. It rained continuously this entire week... Ruining all prospects of going up the touge for some high speed fun.

The fever got the better of us Northerners and Dan, Mark, Soon and I eventually went up for a high speed touge session in the rain on Wednesday night.

I am however hoping for it to be sunny for the rest of today and remain that way for the rest of the evening so that I have a chance to try out my Conti Sport Contact 2s up the touge. These babies measure 235/45/17 and should do great up the Tun Sardon high speed touge probably at the cost of turn in speed and slower directional changes needed at Teluk Bahang.

But dang! I still wanna rub them to oblivion on the beautiful stretch of tarmac, that is the Penang touge.

Our skies here have been temperimental and chances of rain are still apparent as you can see from the pictures below.

The tempest approaches just befor lunch!
Sol decided to come out and play about now... I'm going out for my tea break, and will be keeping my fingers crossed for a dry evening ahead.
Touge... I miss thee...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Touge Monster gets Golden Key

It was a beautiful Sunday evening and I had a beaut birthday bash to attend. The touge monster (Raj) was getting his golden key today. Although I'm not one for posh events, this one was had at a hotel in the middle of our usual touge route.. Who was I to say no to a wonderful dinner with touge before and after?

So I left home early thinking to take a smooth cruise up to the location when an obtrusive Wira abruptly overtook and almost sideswiped me. I, of course, dropped two gears, mashed the throttle and gave pursuit just for kicks :P

I ended up at the hotel an hour early!

I gave Raj a call and shortly (why else would I call him monster?), he'd also arrived with Wayne in tow. And dressed sharply too! (I was in bermudas)

Lookit how nice the touge monster is paired with the self-confessed-horny bitch, Freak'o'Wayne.

The beautiful dinner setting overlooking the sunset accompanied by sounds of jazz and the crashing of waves.... Bliss!
The dining area in all its splendor.
The entrees consisting of fresh oysters *slurp* (refer to staggered ice box on far right), sushi (salmon was fantastic!), Idako and greens.
The staple, which most of us avoided like the black plague since it fills you up (duh! its called staple...), of fried rice, fried noodles, lasagne, more rice, and some curries.
Servings of grilled mussels, lobsters, crabs (not the itchy variety), and chicken.
The grill!
The wonderful assortment of desserts and pastry to calm our palates and end the wonderful dinner with. The cheesecake was just F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C~!!!
Raj with all the party guests.
Raj was soooo happy last night, he decided to grace us with his super KAWAII pose!
Raj's birthday present from all of us, a 20-odd Indonesian-Chinese "he-bitch"! Don't get the wrong impression of Raj though, we hear he's young and hung, and out huntin'... Ladies... Er... Want something a little spicy?
About the he-bitch, he also does gay bachelor parties as well, call him at 1800-GAYLORD.

After everyone "mature" had left the scene, we decided to have loads of fun with the helium in the balloons and everyone was chirping away like chipmunks and having a blast of a time. Except for Wayne, whom got a barrage of lurid statements thrown at him in high pitched voices. *one of which is used as the final word in this composition*

The tycoon then graced us with his presence, but complained about every darn thing else, from the shellfish not being "de-shelled" to the ambience not meeting his "high" requirements.
Khang Wei was the hero of the night... He took a jug and chugged it like the manly thing he is.
Unfortunately, his gastronomic functions did not fully agree with him. Thus, the technicolor burp made its debut!
I then decided, at this juncture, that it was a good time to bid everyone adieu and part ways for the evening as everyone was getting a little tipsy and its always great to end the evening at the orgasm (or was it supposed to be climax?.. whatever..) of the evening.

Thanks very much bro for the wonderful experience, the exotic fare, the calm and soothing ambience, and last but certainly not the least, for the wonderful company.

p.s. Wayne's speech was terrible... Blow me Wayne!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Mark's B'day

The Northern Touge fellows had just recently celebrated Mark's birthday for him at a beaut hillside location... I'll just let the pics speak for themselves, eh... Enjoy.
Where it all happened.
Ewejin's gift...
Aged for a year under Jin's dirrrr-ty laundry.
A simple dinner for men of simple taste... Thankfully Daniel was a chef.
Ewejin unleashing the terror within.
Daniel and Ewejin getting some exercise after a little eating, they decided to befoul the pool. Superb ribs on the electric stove whilst everything else had been lapped up.
Mark celebrated by supposedly stopping smoking!