Monday, September 22, 2008

Daniel's Tiny Terror

Saturday morning was just dreary and everyone was still recuperating from the "Fright Night" before. I went over to Kiong Lee to chat and moved over to Tommy's shop for more "kap-ster" moments with Tommy and Fer Fer (Chris' nick since childhood). Then it was lunch time and we all went over for some hearty chicken rice when Daniel called up and asked me to help him out as he was stuck at Paya Terubong hill pass... Weird thing is that he specifically requested for me to bring along a size 18 socket... Hmmm... *wonder*

I arrived shortly (I always speed off to help a friend in need) with smoking brakes and melting tires... to find the bugger in a Mini! Hahaha... I attempted to fix what I could and we limped back to Fer's place.

We were travelling at 5km/h.... 5KM/H!!! We were holding everyone up.. Hahahaha...It was sooo farnee I just had to snap a pic of him waving ppl by as we trundled along. I swear, if there were joggers there, they'd be faster! Hah!
Daniel had attempted to fix his new 12" wheels on this morning and he successfully snapped 2 of 4 bolts! One of the 2 remaining bolts had a dodgy thread so we were only running on 1 bolt! Hahaha...
We stopped multiple times to check and tighten anything we could just in case.
I just had to camwhore a bit... Fixing stuff is hard work...
Oh! And his battery was flat... WTF?!?!?! Luckily he called the "Touge Support Banana". I always have tools and spare stuff in the back of my car, even in the touge, for those "just-in-case" moments. It also happens that I have a spare battery... So we cranked the little bugger up and "sped" off to Fer's shop to see what can be done.

Caption: The smiling cunt and his tiny terror!Psst... It took him 5 hours to travel from Paya Terubong to Bukit Jambul. A WHOPPING 12kms in 5 hours!!! Bwahahahaa....

I just couldn't help myself Dan, sowwy... And Mark, I hope you're reading this too... Make it early on Tuesday night ya, so you can get the location of the mini mart :P

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