Monday, April 26, 2010

Of friction and rotten smells

I recently sniffed a thoroughly unpleasant.. kinda "rotten" smell through the air conditioning system and thought my clutch pumps were leaking again. So I went over to see Fer for a check up. It so happens that clutch fluid was indeed leaking, but not from the pumps. A hole was found in the gearbox housing and many many hours of welding later, all was well and patched.

Since it was in the shop and gearbox was dismantled, I thought it wise to replace the almost-2-year-old clutch (which was soaked in fluid by the way) and repair my synchro whilst Fer was at it. Another dismantling of the gearbox for those reasons would've been costly.

Sadly, I've been sooo busy with work these past weeks that I've no photos (more lost memories) of the welding, clutch that went in and synchro repair :(

Just an update for the sake of updating. Cheers all!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Of pathways and crossroads

I know.. I know... There's been a lot of complaints and bother on my lack of updates, I'm really sorry guys, but the past few weeks were really hectic and I just couldn't find the time and mind to update my wee blog.

There were a couple of incidences and some self improvements happening over the past weeks, and I'm currently blogging from my new office! That's right, I've changed jobs and am currently attending to a customer issue whilst blogging. Kena mental block liao ma!!!

Anyways, I had a great touge last Friday and I hope to meet all my buddies again when time permits. Thanks for all he fun guys, maybe I'll bring around a new Type-R friend in the next few weeks ;)

Cheers all! And have a productive Monday.