Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New decals

I went over to Tommax Stickers after my morning touge session and a good bath. He was lazing around and designing a few decals for kicks.

He got inspired when I arrived and he designed a "Support Touge" sticker for my Silver Banana. He based his design on the "In Support of AIDS" ribbons that have been around. He drew up the ribbon and letterings then decided on a color scheme... Which he was to make in Orange.

I thought it blew and we had a debacle on what color scheme to cut the decal out in. Finally, both of us agreed on black on chrome to make it all formal and stylish! *bah*
Here's Tommy cleaning up my "super clean" rear :P And prepping for the install.
Positioning is crucial to the final outlook.
Here's how the decal looks with the chrome letterings looking all splendid and shiny.
Then I saw these cute little couple in Apple Green! Aren't they just cute?!?!?! Fuel-sippers... Have to love them :P

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