Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chris has got massive new pipes!

Recently, Chris had been complaining and lamenting on how his turbo'd engine sounds so dreary and silent. This is so as there's a turbine (duh!) blocking the exhaust flow and it acts as the largest resonator (sound dampener) in the entire exhaust system.

We tried to install the muffler I used on my Pooh previously, but to no avail... His VR4 was still silent as night. So I was just running this idea through my head and I concluded that sounds are essentially vibrations, and the more vibrations there are, the more sound there'll be! So I went shopping around for a length of 3" stainless steel pipes as Chris' engine flows a lotta gas outta its ass! It's super difficult to find these as normal exhaust shops do not carry these as they're expensive to stock and even steel gate fabricators hardly work with such a large size.

Ah Kiong from Kiong Lee and I had quietly taken his car away whilst he was working and started the install without him knowing :)

Here are some pics after the install... We'd given him a stainless steel (SST) plate to go along with the new SST pipes :)

Sweet lookin' huh?

Once he got off work, Chris came by Tommy's place where we'd parked his car. As usual, he walked around and started smoking... Being impatient, I went to start his engine but to no avail... Then he realised that his VR4 was actually making loud bangs and growls!

Here's the man checking out his beaut twin 3" stainless steel pipes!

Top view:
Rear - straight on:
Side view:
However, we had a little trouble finding placement for the plate and Kiong had to go back to his shop to attend to business... So we waited a while for me to finish off my "Gaya.Mutu.Keunggulan" and off we went to Kiong's shop for him to decide.

A final position was decided upon and the plate was stuck there with 3M double sided tape.

It required the name plate to be bent slightly along the curvature of the bumper. But it still looks great!

Watch out for this NA sounding turbo monster at a street near you! *blek* (I enjoy superlatives)

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