Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mamak & Eggs

I took in an early Friday night and was feeling much better the next morning. I woke up super early, so I went for a freezing swim (my nuts came out looking like raisins :P) and a little weight-lifting and some cardio (who'd thought eh?).

I was done by 8a.m. and very worn out but with my heart pumping, I couldn't lay to rest so I thought I'd make breakfast. As I opened the fridge, I found that I'd no more eggs (which I should've bought last week).

I grabbed the keys to my Silver Banana (my trusty steed) and since I'd missed out on weeks of touge action, I couldn't resist!

I headed straight up Jalan Tun Sardon (since I live at the base of the hill) and headed for the Balik Pulau Market. I couldn't resist to stop by mid-way (which was the peak) to take a few pics and a morning puff.
View from the peak.
Scav's Silver Banana... Backdrop were some early morning commuters being perturbed by the early morning touge driver :P
Whaddya know... There's a new Kassim Mustafa just next to the new Balik Pulau bus station. I guess we can TT here after a good session of burning hydrocarbons.
The new (and massive) Balik Pulau market. I can't imagine it's developed soooo much in the past 5 years.
A view of the vegetable stalls.
Retired men having their TT session :P
Fish mongers... Dang sell-fish la... (couldn't resist the pun.. intended of course)
Dry ingredients traders selling a multitude of seasonings and spices. *yum*
I bought me bag-o-eggs. Now where can I store/hang them so that I can still touge my way back?
So smart of me to keep a readily stocked glove compartment full of tobacco, documents and driving gloves (for the sweaty times). Packed in the 10 eggs "chun chun".

I successfully touge'd my way back home and even had time to experiment with higher gears in a few corners, and STILL had eggs left for breakfast.

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