Monday, September 22, 2008

Friday Night Fright!

Touge people, hey!, it's alright... We've been waiting Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Hey!, it's Friday night!!! Or so the song goes... (adapted from S Club 7)

It was all fun and games when a friend from mainland visited us and joined us for the usual touge session. We had a super long TT until around 2a.m. then super fast touge to the Teluk Bahang Dam. After a short "kap-ster" session, we'd decided to gun the Teluk Bahang-Balik Pulau stretch with much bravado and all us speed cunts were super high in spirit!

I took lead and Daniel was giving chase, hastily mind you, right behind me. I was having so much fun sliding the new tires (still kinda waxy.. Or I didn't get the pressure right yet :P) till Daniel started to flash a series of highlights to alarm me of a . Dang!

My heart pounded as I anxiously waited to hear his news.... Daniel pulled up alongside and my worst was confirmed... No one was following him! The worst thing to happpen in a touge session , albeit with extremely low frequency, is to suddenly find no one trailing you. Only a few things could have occured- i) A breakdown. ii) Lost of direction. iii) Accident!

Daniel and I turned around and sped hastily (albeit cautiously) in the reverse direction fearing the worst... Daniel had informed me that Soon was right behind him, further escalating the sense of dread. We turned two... Three corners and fear had caused trepidation within me, and our worst fears were brought to bear!
Soon looking for ways to remove his front lip, which he eventually did along with the driver side fender, and side skirt.
Everyone was extremely helpful and we got the car out without much hassle. Thanks everyone, we couldn't have got it out without all the help.
The damage was luckily minor and we managed to drive it back to a safe location (Tommax compound) for storage until the panel workshop got here the next morning.
The lower arm was bent so bad that the negative castor almost rendered the car immobile. Luckily I had a smaller sized spare tires compared to Soon's 195/60/15's. So we installed those and drove back with only this tiny clearance you see here.
Soon is very clear minded about this incident and agrees that this is the consequence we face when indulging in such activities. I salute him for his calm approach and undying spirit (as he was up in the touge with us again on Saturday!) for the sport.

Cheers mate, to all the times we will further have! Kampai!!!


Shooke said...

who's accident? no video taken? ah.. love the curve of teluk bahang - balik pulau road...

kev said...

poor guy about the accident. wonder how much is the fix. anyways, he is still unscathed by this incident

ScAvEnGeR said...

Shooke: Hi dude, it was just a routine normal run so we didn't have any vids.

Great to hear you're a fan of the Pg touge. I hope you come back some time ya.

Gimme a holler anytime!

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Kev, Bro Soon is a tough and hardy bugger that has come to understand that this is the consequence of such a hobby.

He will be back at the touge, as his name suggests, SOON!

The repairs will be claimed under his insurance. No worries.