Monday, September 29, 2008

Eye for the queer

So here's another car I saw. It's kinda like a buggy style mobile but I can't make out what it is... I could only make out that it's of VW (Volkswagen) make, but the model eludes me.


kev said...

you were correct, its the volkswagen sakbayan aka country buggy, made in australia

ScAvEnGeR said...

Woah Kev, you really have an in depth look into the automotive world bro.

R-E-S-T-E-C-P~! And thanks very much for the info.

kev said...

lol, its kinda important, so i know what im challenging on the road. haha. least i know i have a chance. i was challenged by a 1.5 litre vios today, should be S spec, judging from the kit. it was incredibly fast, but i assume its due to the lightweightness and his state of tune. i need to be faster so i dont end up swallowed. but good for me, i managed to lose him in the traffic, while heading to subang this morning

ScAvEnGeR said...

Kev, you are one insane driver dude. Your looks DEFINITELY deceived me. I perceived you as a studious-goody-two-shoes at first... But seems like it isn't so huh?

Oops... I hope this doesn't affect your "pull" with the girls... But everyone likes a bad-boy at times eh?


kev said...

your still correct on the studious guy. haha. but i think i told u before, i have photographic memory. i have the ability to sponge and absorb information once ive seen it and should be able to remember for a long period. so i rarely study and just do 12 hours before exam studies and sponge everything enough to pass, lol.

on my driving part, i think u are a more capable driver than i am. haha, too bad we wont know, till u come down to cameron or i drop by teluk bahang, lol. still, my car is shit compared to u. who the heck touge's with an autobox, lol

ScAvEnGeR said...

Your driving is hardcore bro... Serious stuff... You're one with balls!

Anyhow, I plan to touge in an auto-slushbox in the future. But we'll discuss that another time ;)