Wednesday, September 24, 2008

High Times - Relau

Local authorities are everywhere these past few weeks that its a drag and bore just to leave home. Not to mention any form of touge was getting dreary, considering the amount of trouble we've been running into. So what do a group of men do when there's no lepak-ing to be done? We drink, make merry, cheer & jeer, just basically blow our minds with intoxication! Our version of High Times, which had actually just started last week and it was so much fun, we did it again last night!

We started off with dinner... I met up with Soon at Mansion II in Relau, but he was still busy, so I took a nap in the office whist waiting. Then Tommy, Raj, Bom... etc, arrived and were famished. So off we went to a nearby shop for dinner and yum cha whilst waiting for Soon.

Soon cleaned up and was ready to leave when his boss invited to dinner with him... I, of course, politely refused but was forced to go anyhows. So I waited for Mark to meet me whilst Soon and Vincent (his boss) went off to "makan" first.

Mark got to the meeting place (which shall stay secret) and we got our "Kingfisher's", Daniel brought the whisky, and we all met up with Soon and Vincent for "makan-ing"... Or rather nibbling since all three of us were full liao.

Everyone had "makan-ed" and we were set to go... So we went to the High Times location in Relau, and Harold and Kumar were there to get the party going.
Our choice of (VERY) strong brew... Kingfisher - In support of F1! We're still petrolheads at heart :P

After a few rounds and our cans were empty, so were our stomachs... Daniel made some of his superb baked sausages in some superb sauce and spices. We shall call it "Daniel sauce", so we had sausages baked in Daniel sauce... That sounds so wrong in so many ways no matter which way you look at it :P
We were all getting pretty high on laughter and antics alone.
Sorry for the extremely dark pics as we were trying to attain "cinema-feel-with-tv".
After all the beer was gone... It was time for the.. W-H-----Y... What's that spell? Well, see for yourself...
Then Mark got all joyful and started stepping to some soundtrack.

No pictures... No pictures...

OK OK... Bring it on!

After all that hyper dancing, he went off to do the dishes...
While we slacked in front of the TV the whole time!
Soon was extremely joyful
And Daniel was getting paranoid... I wonder what he packs in his ciggies eh?
After all that, Mark had to take leave whilst we were winding down and decided to have some fun with Initial D snapshots (since Soon drives a replica Evo III).. Hey! IT WAS DANG FARNEE RIGHT THEN OK?!?!?!
Kena cucuk liao.
Yea... What he says! :P
Soon causes the old banger to stall.
Soon arrives for a rebout.
And casually announces Round 2.
Pristine looking E-IIIOpposition has yet to arrive... And Soon is gracious about it.
*smirk* I'm gonna crush them with my super-anti-lag-turbo-powered-Evo III-touge-monster!
What the...?
My Evo III habis liao la... Down lor...
Thus ends our night of festivities. Next week... Mark is bringing the liquor! Bwahahaha...


kev said...

the initial d made by the hongkong people were comedic and unreal to most extent.

when those guys ever touge up mount akina, they usually bring out someone to scout if there is a car at the bottom of the hill, not in the middle. by assuring that there are no cars, then they could touge safely towards the bottom. hk's initial d totally exploit this for dramatical reasons.

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Kev, with that much alcohol going around the few of us... Even Doraemon drifting would've convinced us :P

But heck, movies are made for entertainment... So enjoy la! Hahaha... Hope to see you soon bro. Keep in touch.