Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Shoes!

I went up for a touge run last night with Daniel (D16B EK), Soon, Akihito (4G93 Satria), Sanjev (4G9X Wira), James of JS MODS (NA 4G63 Wira), and an unknown Wira-lution (a Wira chassis with the heart of an Evolution - 4G63T). The aim was to maximize the utilisation of my old shoes before my tire change scheduled on the 20th (tomorrow).

I was having trouble understeering, then I thought of what an old friend told me once, "Go Faster". So I did, then lifted off slightly after turn-in (there's a reason why they call me "Snappy Scav"). Heck, I had sooo much fun oversteering and understeering... It was undeniably an educational run.

My bro Chris called me up for lunch and it was time to get my new shoes. !yay!

I've finally worn out my set of shoes and every one of them looks like this... Can you spot the peel? I was almost running full racing slicks... minus the grip :P
So I went here... (The boss gave me a price I couldn't refuse)
To look for these... Lookit how deep these threads are! I bought the old set 2nd hand so I didn't get a chance to glimpse them new :(
This is the size that I find works best for my Silver Banana... This particular model is a well rounder and reasonably priced... A quick stare at the data sheet shows:

UTQG: 440 AA/A
The treadwear is 440!!! I love these tires!
Bro Chris overlooking the install... Bro Chris very jaga me... *appreciate*
This dude's shop has a HUGE selection of tires and rims. From the economical Duro and Hero, to the more exotic fare of Bridgestone and Yokohamas.

Front left of the shop.
Rear left of the shop.
Front right of the shop.
Rear right of the shop.
I just love the new tires but I hate it that they put on the tire wax... Damn... I makes the sidewall shiny... But it also makes it slippy :(
So who wants to tag along tonight to test out my new shoes?


Vince said...

I did use Kumho once.... Find it too hard for my liking... Noise level high but wear rate is crazy good.... Once you wear it almost 20% gone...the noise will reduce... Good luck...
Now i use AD07 street use only lar...

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Vince, this is my second set of these tires (same manufacturer, same model [KH16]).

This model has little noise, needs a lot of pressure to work well, and threadwear rate, as you've mentioned, is crazy good. The last set was bought second hand and lasted me 6 months of track and touge abuse.

Most of my tires only last around 4 months :P

Well, I guess I can live with the lower grip as long as its lighter on my wallet :P