Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chinese 7th Month

The Chinese seventh month is a very significant duration on the Lunar calendar where Chinese believe the gates of Hades are open for a month for the dearly departed to return to their homes to receive necessities and food of all else. It is also this month that many believe straying after dark is strongly discouraged. Naturally, touge had ground to a stop for me and so here's what I've been up to in this auspicious month.
Visited a buddy in the hospital...
Had some cherry alcohol from Europe that my bro brought back from his travels...
Checked out a friend's new tire shop at Paya Terubong...
Found out that Gurmit Singh is actually the head of neurosurgery in Penang General Hospital :P
Swapped out my dying RE 070s (awesome tires!) for a new set of sponsored Federal 595 Evos...
Found a nice coffee spot on Steward Lane and made friends with the manager. Kopi Cine serves damn good coffee, either that, or the fact that the floor manager gave me extra espresso shots!
Met up with a old friends on Upper Penang Road by accident... Serendipity!
Checked out a Beach Babes & Hunks show at Gurney with Chong and TH.
My gf on the left & Yi Lai (second wife) on the right visiting from KL at Tai Thong. A nice and rustic place in town where food is actually better than all the commercialized crap elsewhere.
I got to visit the Christian cemetery along Farquhar street for the first time in all my years living in Penang.
Went and checked out the Peranakan Museum on Church Street with my bro and Yi Lai.
So it wasn't all that bad a month for me... What were you fellas up to during the Chinese 7th Month?