Monday, December 28, 2009

End of Days?

As the year 2009 draws to a close, I've been finally catching up on some movies I'd missed and it all seems to tell of civilisation coming to an end with humanity desperately fighting to retain whatever we can salvage.

I've just watched Day After Tomorrow and 2012 in succession. I know, I'm REALLY slow to catch all these movies and I'd just found time after completing the Northern Touge Race Day and before starting to plan for the next event.

It's kinda sad to think that it'll all end with nature taking its toll after all humanity has been draining nature's resources at an extremely alarming rate of consumption. These events mentioned in the movies are somewhat affable if not grim to ponder, but do you think that we'll one day face extinction and will all of humanity's knowledge and technology be able to save us from the impending doom that will be cast upon us?

Or will we be claimed by the Dark Lord, no... not Voldemort, Beelzebub! From a religious standpoint, and from Arnold's (The Governator) movie End of Days, the Lord of Darkness himself will rise and wreak havoc on earth and all humanity for the sins we've committed.

How do you think it'll all end and what do you think we'll be able to do about it? Will we be claimed by nature in a torrent of molten rock and a wall of oceans bearing down on civilisation or will Beelzebub himself be summoned to (literally) raise hell on humanity?
What do you think?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Finalists!

Below are the list of champs that battled it out over sweat and blood for the podium finish!

1.3 Class:
Champion - Robert Loke
1st Runner Up - Sunny
2nd Runner Up - Sham

1.5 Class:
Champion - Nasir
1st Runner Up - Robert Loke
2nd Runner Up - Sunny

1.6 Class:
Champion - Nazrul
1st Runner Up - AK
2nd Runner Up - Nasir

1.8 Class:
Champion - Lee Chin Hooi
1st Runner Up - Bob
2nd Runner Up - Nazrul

Open Class:
Champion - Lee Chin Hooi
1st Runner Up - Yam Keng Yin
2nd Runner Up - Suhimi

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Conclusion

The Race Day was a great success with much thanks and gratitude to all participants and sponsors for their immense support, encouragement and cooperation.
Here are some teaser pics for you to look over whilst our media crew process their shots.
The races were remarkably energetic and truly enthused!
I would also like to thank all the track helpers for being there to aid and to ensure the smooth running of all activities laid out.
My heartfelt gratitude to all sponsors for your support and enthusiasm. I would personally like to thank Northern Garage, Ultrex, Hyperlube and especially Federal Tyres for being there with their crew along with loads of displays, and their offer of the 595 RS-R series for all racers at the event.

Evidently, tyres are the best bang for buck handling improvement one can purchase! As shown with our RS-R shodden champs in multiple categories.

Thank you again to everyone that has attended our last event this year and we'll see you next year at the tracks!!!

Update (7/12/09): Pics can be seen at VictorGR's blog.

Update (10/12/09): Pics from our official photog can be found on his blog linked here.