Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fatter Banana

I'd met up with Pak Li from V-Sixers some weeks ago after he called me up... Sort of a TT for him to "announce" his new mods :P

We met up at Kiong Lee since there's loads of parking and Kayu is just next door for us to have breakfast. I noticed his Banana got a whole lot fatter... Just couldn't pin point from afar.
Upon getting up close... It had a wide body kit installed due to his super offset rims scraping the fenders all the time and his car couldn't get low down... It sure can now!
Check out the fat arches... And the super fat front arch!
Pics of the completed Banana with paint (2nd from right). V-Sixers at Teluk Bahang dam.
Further pics of his car of completion (Still 2nd from right).
This post is much delayed due to the fact that he did not want his car to be blogged about without his car's completed pics. Anyways, enjoy fellas.

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