Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday - Funday

I woke up bright and early yesterday morning and being the good touge enthusiast I am, I made an extremely early morning touge run through the Jalan Tun Sardon route which seemed to have some road works being carried out (more drama later). No longer hunting for eggs (refer to my previous post) and hungry for breakfast, I went straight to the market place for a simple Wan Than Mee and cuppa almond drink (some ppl says it tastes like cockroach, but what do they know *bah!*). As I was sipping my cuppa with a Red Pack, enjoying the cool morning breeze, I had a revelation of my own psyche... I kinda like/enjoy going to the marketplace to enjoy the slower and simpler part of life. I like sitting down to watch the hustle and bustle of traders and throngs of homemakers buzying themselves with their grocery shopping. I guess city life is just getting more and more hectic and I just like to revel in the serenity of my childhood. I was raised in a "kampung" (local slang for village) and spent everyday in the market (my grandpa was a butcher) with the various sights, sounds and smells.

As the sun was rising, I decided to take the Teluk Kumbar route home as I'd missed it lots since the elevated highway project started a couple of years back. I travelled through it and saw the development being underway and how we'd touge there back when it was badly surfaced and we were all running low powered cars (I miss the TBS days).

I stopped by my store room (shared actually) and got some stuff to replace the HID ballast I'd blown (I'm running 4300K slightly yellowish) and some other replacement stuff some friends were asking for buy I'd not time to go up to get them (and I'm holding the key :P).

As I was driving to Green Lane Mc D for a cuppa coffee and some Wifi usage, Soon (whom has moved from RABK to Mansion II) called up for some makan. So being the ever-so-willing-to-layan person that I am, went on down to town to meet up with him. He arrived shortly close to 11a.m. and we both had brunch (actually only him la, since I had super early breakfast di). Then Daniel called up and he wanted to meet up too (Sunday ma) so we all did a quick stop at Christopher's shop (his boss was there) to pick up Daniel's old tires (he'd just recently changed a set) and went on over to Tommy's Sticker Workshop whilst we waited for Chris to arrive.

I proceeded to install the spare HID ballast whilst waiting and chatter over multiple topics of irrelevant nature commenced. We even had to turn down 13 would-be customers as Tommy's still absent. Then Chris arrived fashionably late and Daniel got his distributor timing adjusted, then we proceeded with lots of test runs to get the optimum spark whilst I also got to test out his new tires. All I can say is that those Contis are killer in wet but dry grip couldn't be concluded because the tires are not run in yet.

After that Chris, Soon, Daniel and I wanted to have some tea, some awesome Hokkien Mee and Laksa (Daniel claims), at Balik Pulau (again!). So we headed to the closest route, Jalan Tun Sardon, and it was closed both ways. This only means one thing, natural calamity (told you there'd be more drama here)! Sure enough there was a landslide! I was thanking "the-big-guy-up-there" right about now for my safe passage through this morning (no wonder saw cones at the turn-off to Jalan Tun Sardon.. Some cheeky fellas might have removed the blockade in the night. Anyway, it only took up half the road but heavy machines were up there already due to excavation. *In the news today : It was rendered impassable to traffic following two landslides during heavy rain on Sunday*

Having no other choice, and no chance for a U-turn, we headed down to Paya Terubong for some (awfully expensive) overrated chicken rice. So now we know why the boss has two Airtrek Turbos to his name. So back to Tommax Stickers to retrieve our cars, pissed and deprived of our afternoon touge session. Luckily a Suzuki R1 (bike) with a hot chick rode past on our way back and all was well again and we had another topic to discuss all the way back (God gave us eyes and the ability to appreciate... rite?).

Chatting and further planning on how to improve handling and driving "skills" (or the lack thereof) took place. Multiple "reds" later, we were fogging up Tommy's shop and he was super busy, so I took leave as I recalled mum was cooking nasi lemak for dinner and it was already 5p.m.

So I ended the evening with a good helping of Nasi Lemak, a short burst of outrage on NFSU:Underground (to pacify the speed demon in me), and a side-splitting-farnee-as-hell episode of Hell's Kitchen! Gordon Ramsay got so pissed coz nothing was served after the restaurant was opened for 100mins, and customers were booing the 12 Michelin Star chef in the background.

The multitude of activities in a day really wears one out. Phew... Oh, and I fell asleep on my couch forgetting I'd promised Raj and Daniel a touge run that night. If you're reading this guys, SORRY fellas, I'll catch you on the next run.

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