Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sat Night Fever

Come on one and all, Northern Touge will be having a mass gathering at the previous audio site (the lookout point) at Jalan Tun Sardon from 10p.m. onwards. We'll be gathering for kicks and come about to flaunt what you got! ;)

The location of this event is just turned off the Jalan Paya Terubong hill road onto Jalan Tun Sardon. Go uphill till you reach the peak (mid-hill) and voila! Some Balik Pulau kaki will know it better as Jalan Baru, connecting Balik Pulau to either Paya Terubong or Relau.

Be there or be square!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Han Chiang Open Day - Autokhana

I attended the Han Chiang Open Day Autokhana last weekend and was pleasantly surprised to see so many friends from all over Northern Malaysia coming for this event.
I first met with my buddy Fujiwara from Ipoh in his pristine KE70.
Then with Wan Dreamer in his Datto Even Cushion Hao (aptly named because he does interior restoration) attended in his L2 Kancil.
And of course our local Satria heroes were present such as Ray, Deon, Robert, William, and Alvin (R3). I was away for drinks during some laps, and sadly didn't manage to capture all the runs (but got some blur pics when I eventually ran back).
The hatches proved too hot to handle, but Jackson Foo was the upcoming driver to watch for. He entered the double apex at a 35/40deg and slided his rear all the way out ala rally style!
Not one to be outdone, Unker Pang (in Boon's Putra) came out to show all the young lads how to perform an awesome double handbrake turn.
I then caught a glimpse of VictorGR's previous ride in action in the hands of its new owner Darren. He was still a little hesitant when on the "happy pedal", but give him a little time and I'm sure the 7 will be slippin' and slidin'.
Zechs was there in a monstrous Cefiro A31, and in the spirit of keeping the excitement going, Zechs really pushed the RB to slither his A31 through the cones. The big guy was burnin' some serious rubber~!!! Best performance I say...
The event was so hyped up even a doggie came on the track and did donuts~!
Which Timothy Ketit promptly responded to both the A31 and doggie with an awesome gliding show in his sponsored Silvia S15.
Glad to meet all you buddies out there on that sunny day, and hope to see you all again soon. Cheers!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vios - Refurbished!

Soon has completed another "salivacious" car and its the ever popular Toyota Vios brought in by Joven's buddy. The car came kitted with a horrendous bumper and the full of gaps.
Soon brought upon himself to resolve the gap issues and satisfy his customer's requirements.
The bumper was re-made and most panels were remolded to close up all the "in-between" gaps.
Soon put in the final piece, the number plate, and the Vios was good to go. All this was of course brought to you by Hyper Racing with Soon's ever diligent craftsmanship.
After resolving most outstanding jobs, we were relieved and refreshed to take on a night's partying. It being Soon's birthday and all... We went to Khun Thai for wonderful thai delights.
Where the three stooges celebrated their birthdays together. The cake was specially made for us by our Northern Touge baker buddy, Sean.
Although stuffed, the festivities had to go on. So we continued at our usual drinking spot, d'Oasis. A few calls were made and all our buddies arrived... With Kenny being tardy, which he duely paid for the party!
Soon was feeling awefully artistic and decided to garble us a few tunes. Tall, dark and hairy Soon quickly gathered a flock of beautiful fans.
With an exceptionally affectionate individual taking to his broad shoulders! Hahaha...
An awesome end to a beautiful day. Cheers all!