Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Race Day Countdown~!!!

This post will be kept up to date with the most current available spots left for the Northern Touge Race Day 2009~!

1) 13 Spots left (20-Nov-09)
2) 11 Spots left (23-Nov-09)
3) 10 Spots left (25-Nov-09)
4) 9 Spots left (27-Nov-09)

5) 7 Spots left (30-Nov-09)
6) 5 Spots left (02-Dec-09)

7) CLOSED~!!! (05-Dec-09)

Northern Touge Race Day 061209

Venue: Dato’ Sagor Track, Kg Gajah, Perak
Date: 06th December 2009
Time: 9.00a.m – 7.00p.m.
Fees: RM150 per Participant
Category: 1300cc, 1500cc, 1600cc, 1800cc & Open class

Rules & regulations: helmet & sport shoes are required
Rewards: Champion – RM150 cash prize; 1st Runner Up – RM100 cash prize; 2nd Runner Up – RM50 cash prize;

Hamper, trophy & NorthernTouge T-shirt will be given out too
Each participant is allowed to race in their own category & the following 1 class upper. (e.g. cars that qualify to race in the 1300cc category are also allowed a second race in the 1500cc category only).

All participants are required to reach the track by 9.00a.m. sharp for briefing and practice runs.
We are limiting the participation to only 50 participants & confirmation will be based on a first come, first serve basis upon payment.

NorthernTouge T-shirt is available for sale at RM30 per pc. We'd be grateful for early orders, before the 15th of October, if you’re interested in allocating one of these limited NorthernTouge T-shirts for yourself, your spouse, or your grandma!

Contact Person:
Leng – 016-4430016
ScAvEnGeR – 012-4077575

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors, participants and all those contributing towards the success of the “NorthernTouge Race Day”
Our Sponsors Include:
- Ultrex Brake Pads (Brake Pads sponsorship)
- RPM Autowork
- Tommax Sticker
- Tit Luen Exhaust
- Kean Auto Cooling Services
- Car Magic Car Wash
- TWC Car Audio
- Evo Car Audio
- Chian Soon Tyres (PG) Bkt. Jambul
- Kiong Lee Exhaust
- Soon Yee Exhaust
- Northern Garage
- M Power

1) Daniel (Honda Civic – PDV8663)2) Lee Chin Hooi (Civic EF 1.6 PCW 7323)3) Soon (Wira gsr- KAK8209)4) Suhaimie (Wira mivec- PCU6181)5) Jackson Foo (Satria 1.8 PDJ 8395)6) Shazwan (DC5 V-Tec-WKH3266)7) Hazuha bin Hussin (Satria 1.3 WGE 7791)8 ) S.Mathan (Integra 1.8 JGB 7200)9) Chun (Waja 1.6 PDF 5107)10) Hong (Subaru v.7- WNU2894)11) Hin (Myvi PHK1511)12) Pin (Wira PDU9686)13) AK (Satria 1.6 PDB5948)14) Roxes (Civic V-Tec PCW6128)15) Kenny Chan (Wira 1.5 PDC127)16) Sunny (Kelisa AES 6570)17) Loo Boon Tat (Civic EG 1.6 JCW 3122)18) Kwang (Kelisa 1.0 PFE 5342)19) Khen (TX3 WFT 7263)
20) Azhar (Wira 1.8 PDP 3389)
21) Mohd. Faizal (Wira 1.5 PEQ 7596)
22) Muhammad Khairul (Waja 1.6 PGM 2983)
23) Ezwan (Iswara 1.3 PEW 8108)
24) Nizar (Kancil L2 IFB 45)
25) Muhammad Syahrul (Satria 1.6 PDD 7115)
26) Adi Azman (Wira 1.6 WFM 3595)
27) Shahril (Kancil L2 WFL 3415)
28) William (Wira 1.8 PCN 9762)
29) Mail (Iswara Aeroback 1.3 PDW 9738)
30) Ivan (Satria 1.8 PDF 7308)
31) Yee Mun Hong (Wira 2.0 PDI 2508)
32) Justin Cheah (206 1.4 PHL 2827)
33) Robert Loke (Satria 1.3 PDL 6567)
34) Low Yong Fook (Toyota AE80 1.6 SS4889B)
35) Baharum B. Mat (Kancil L2 PDD 1085)
36) Chan Khai Pin (Wira 1.6 PEM 9488)
37) Nazrul (Wira 1.6 PCY 8530)
38) Dicky Ramfatiwi (Wira 1.6 PDW 7076)
39) Erik tan (Proton satria 1.8 ADW 8887)
40) Albert (Proton satria 1.8 WXX 8178)
41) Shahrul Hisham (KE70 1.6 KN 2427)
42) Mohd Noh (Saga 1.5 WCH 5040)
43) Jan (Saga 1.5 JCJ 5746)
44) Bob (Wira 1.8 PDM 6668)
45) Saw Kah Chun (Honda City 1.3 PDT 3738)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Federal Tyres offered at Chian Soon, Bkt Jambul

We, the Northern Touge crew, have continuously strived and bargained to bring you the best from Federal Tires. In this final leg and with tremendous support and effort, Federal Tyres have offered their top performance tires for our event at a bargain price.

The 595 RSR series 205/50/15 tires will be selling at ONLY RM300.00 each... What a steal... and it's only at Chian Soon, Bukit Jambul!

Orders will have to be placed ASAP as delivery of the tires will take a week or more. Cheers all!

Friday, November 20, 2009

13... Sap sam.... Ser san... Thirteen~!!!

There are a mere THIRTEEN spots left for track day participation... I'm so excited... Can't wait... Just two more weeks...

*recites peace mantra*

Sabar... Sabar...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Automotive Oddities

Y'know how you'd feel if there was just something wrong with your beloved ride and how we'd have to get it fixed no matter what? Since you're reading my blog, I assume you're an automotive enthusiast, and know that feeling. There is just no limit to the extent someone would go to to get their car moving again... Check out the photos below!

Shifting on vodka whilst "sailing" his Jetta???
Directional air conditioning vents!
Batmobile Al Fresco...
Once you pop, you can't stop!
Got a light? Here's lookin' at ya'!
You carbon fiber boys ain't got light... I'm the essence of the word light.
I'm just lost at captioning this one :(
The ultimate drifter.. On caster wheels~!
Mercedes Bends~!
Projector headlamps ala DIY.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hyper Racing Performance (Update)

Hyper Racing Performance has been updating it's product and services since its launch on the 20th October, slightly over a month back. From a plain, bare-bones exhibit... To a colourfully laid out interior.
So here's a peek at what's, literally, on the tables now!
Seeing the thermo inefficiency of rubber as an OEM (it cracks.. *shock*), we've stocked up on loads of silicone products from hoses, elbows, pipes, you name it... Full range of Ultrex brake pads from OEM replacements right up to racing 800deg. resistant pads. Aluminium heat exchangers (radiators and oil coolers) and racing harnesses. We also carry the entire range of Triniti clutches and Hyperlube as well as Idemitsu engine oils.
All items are ready stocked and available from the get-go.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

BBQ dinner for all Northern Touge members

Hey all the Northern Touge community, we are organizing a free BBQ to all members and friends. Come one and all, bring a friend or partner, for a fun filled evening with the Northern Touge crew.

Event: Northern Touge BBQ Gathering
Location: Hyper Racing
Date: 6/11/09 (This Friday la!)
Time: 8.00p.m. onwards

Cheers and see y'all there!