Monday, May 31, 2010

TKA Mango visit

Dennis from TKA recently called me up for a meet since he was visiting his elders on the island and it turned out they were situated near my location so we met up for a short drink and for him to show off his (finally completed) Mango!Mango was fitted with an awesome set of wheels and a sweet scoop from a donor hood.
Lookin' fierce from da front but the proverbial "eyes" look a little droopy. But heck, see this frontage coming at you on the track, just move bit*h!
I'll admit, I've a sweet spot for this model in particular, having owned one myself. It was the best fun to drive around. A little scary since I didn't have proper suspension setup and chassis refurbishing, but it had the highest power to weight ratio of any car I'd owned and driven (sorry Silver) :P

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tyre Promo at Chian Soon Tyres Bukit Jambul

The good folks at Chian Soon Tyres have extended a tyre promo to all readers. There are various sized tyres and batteries on promo, and while you're there, check out their new selection of rims.
Just print the coupon above and present it to the helpful staff there when placing your order for a new set of rubbers. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Let there be light

I've been driving around almost blind for the past two years as I'd bought my car with dulled and worn headlamps. As the rainy season is around the corner, I'd decided its time to keep safety in mind and get some new headlamps.
Here's how my headlamps looked like when I purchased Silver.
These are the new headlamps which Alvin had hooked me up with a sweet deal.
How does Silver look with its new eyes? I'll be finally able to see in the dark again...
And for the first time, I can see the actual colour of my HIDs. These were during the warm up, my lights are actually yellowish (4300K ma) :P
I couldn't 'tahan' not taking a pic of Silver in its allocated space. Damn those new eyes look awesome!
I'm working on a tyre promo for all my loyal readers so check back on this space soon for updates.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Teething pains and working woes

Every initiation into any activity or any new group of people is sure to face teething pains. For me, the transition from my previous company to my current one has been smooth and painless. I have a free hand in all my tasks and responsibilities as well as the option to choose my own team of people to work with.

The big man has left me in charge of my department, solely, and that is something I should be proud of but I feel it's also a hefty burden to be born. I've picked two staff which will be joining me end of this month and hopefully will improve the practice here and beef up my quality of work.

We'll see how things proceed... As for my automotive induced pals, I'm sorry for the lack of updates on activities as well as on Silver. I've been kept really busy with work and no time for my hobbies yet. I hope to get out of this torrential flood of workload and get kickin' again.