Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Think outta the box, or you're outta here! - Camo3 visit

I'd paid a visit to Camo3 recently, a joint venture of Daniel (EK) and Alvin (Army Boi!) just for kicks and to check out their designer (whom I heard from Daniel is quite a looker). Camo3 is advertising and events setup company with in house designing capabilities and events management upon request.

This name plate is still fresh, it only got installed after I left. I got Daniel to send me pics of it :P *cheat*
The path leading to a hallmark of creativity and ideas.
The war room where it all happens! *See the cute designer? -Far right-*
The coffe area for yum cha and to enjoy the "heritaage" buildings :P
I arrived ahead of time and both Daniel and Alvin were out, so I strayed and wandered around the office to find this gem of an old-schooler! It's a 2nd generation Galant, great-great-great-great-great-grandpa to my Silver Banana!
Original badging still retained albeit the rivets.
I suspect this is the logo for the Galant back then eh?
Profile look of the beaut unit!
Check out the old school steel rims...
Offset kau kau wan lor!!!

After that, the heat kinda got to me and I cannot tahan liao. So I rang the doorbell and went in to have a seat first... The first thing I saw, was that Daniel is right, the designer IS a looker! So I had a nice long chat with her which was ended by Daniel's intrusion! :P

After lazing around a bit and checking up some stuff online, we went off to grab some lunch. Alvin proposed to have nasi lemak at one of the lorongs off Burma Road. I have to admit, kinda good stuff although a little pricey and TINY portions.
Daniel pigging out before any of us touched the food!
Whilst Alvin was just prepping to dig in.
Thanks guys for having me over, I really appreciate it. I hope to work closely and further our goals together!

Kampai~!!! *sips watermelon juice*

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