Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Loves Camber.

I love camber and how its helping me to get even wear on my hard driven tires. I loves it a lot and I just wish I could dial in a little caster to "spice" things up :)
I'd never seen how my car looks with the camber on at full lock until yesterday. I arrived at work a little tardy and had to park at the back of the office block... It's my first time round there (since I'm always punctual) and glory me, the glass windows there were tinted to a mirror finish...
As I was parking my car, I caught a glimpse of the ugly brute's (Silver Banana) reflection. Then I started to appreciate how much the camber setting tilts the exposed wheel off-centre.

Now me likes camber more and more... Looking for caster now :P

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