Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Of weekends past

I know.. I know.. I've been neglecting my blog again, BUT with fair reason! The past couple of weeks have been fun filled with activties and charities that I lost track of time. Let's flashback to two weeks ago...

I came home from a terrible day at the office to a comforting home made dinner of "bak chang" which are rice dumplings filled with a variety of savory items. What makes this special is that my grandaunt made them and there's no other taste like the taste we grew up with aye?
I then dropped by Hyper Racing to see Fer (I haven't seen him much since kicked off my current job) for a change in engine lubricant and to finally personally test out the Ultrex Ultimate (red) high temp pads.
These bad boys are the second highest grade in Ultrex's range of brake pads and I have to say kudos to them for an awesome product at VERY competitive prices. The initial bite and progressive feel of the pads are awesome after a very tedious bed in process. Lots of smoke and heat involved... I shan't go into that.
Fast forward to the next morning.. Don't worry... Of course touge sessions were compulsory to test out Ultrex's ultimate street pad (thumbsup).. and I'm sitting under a shroud of trees with my gal waiting for our Pan Mee breakfast. We ordered some starters (nyonya otak-otak and a dish of dumplings)...
Before the main attraction arrived to be deliciously devoured.
You can see from the expression (or lack thereof) how contented she was with the meal :P
The following week was spent with Chew Kongsi members (yes I'm a Chew [surname] and my family is steeped in traditions) performing charity at Relau's old folks' home whilst celebrating a 105yrs old man!!! Imagine that... I misplaced my file and am sorry I can't share his pic :(
We were then off to the Penang Snake Temple (which was my first time there believe it or not) for some sightseeing and fooling around with our reptilian buddies.
That dude actually KISSED a king cobra.... And I had only found out that its called King Cobra because not only is it large in size, it is also immune to other snakes' venom~!!! Awesome innit? After the very chatty fellow's reptilian lovin' the Chews duely adjourned to Balik Pulau for some local Durian at a personal estate. Imagine living here with a personal orchard in your back yard. Awesome!
Soon, Pin, Daniel and myself had an ad hoc (albeit VERY short) touge session before having a drink to finish off my wonderful weekend. Daniel's tires were not so fortunate and we had a keepsake to prove it :P
The usual suspects...
And then some...
Oops... I missed out on my wonderful dinner that my dear girl had prepped for me. She cooked toufu in savory sauce, pan grilled mackerel, daikon radish soup, and some tauge before my touge :P
I went home to my parents' on Sunday and caught a glimpse of my treadmarks on the pavement and thought to myself... I wonder how it'd feel to drive something with tires that would make those wide marks!?!?!?
Monday night was when I finally removed my Federal sponsor sticker (this was the largest one mind you... at 44".. albeit slightly trimed) for a new sponsor.
Hope I kept you, my dear readers, up to date... I'll see you all in the exciting months ahead. Northern Touge is planning a road trip in the coming weeks... Check back for more details!
Cheers and have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Auto City Carnival (part2)

Finally, the piece de resistance, Soon's masterfully crafted DTM lookalike Alfa Romeo 156 which looked every bit the part along with Dekra stickers and the works! In the pic also is the man himself... Mr. Hyper Custom... Ah Soon~! Look at him beaming all over... But dun ask me why he's grabbing his balls :P

The ever supportive Toms Stickers were present and helped install some eleventh hour decals.

Even the lovely beauties were attracted by the winking Alfa that they couldn't resist raring their rears to it. Soon got some lovely pics of them and some with him as well. Lucky b@stard!
The Alfa clinched the first prize and Soon returned home with the Champion trophy that night. Congratulations and all the best with the next project Soon~!!!

Auto City Carnival (part 1)

Another Sunday afternoon was going to pass me by when Fer called up as he was planning a trip to go see the Auto City Carnival going on at Juru. I took a quick shower and off I went to meet up at Hyper Racing, where Kang's massive Cefiro was waiting to greet me.
We closed up and we were off to visit Soon at his display area. After a tedious search and finally parking Silver, we browsed the gallery a bit on our way to see Soon's display. I came by this curiously low Myvi on classic deep dish wheels... What puzzled me was how the participant managed to raise the car up to change wheel? It was almost scraping the floor it's sitting on!
Then as we proceed to Soon's area, the crowd suddenly got pushy and we were blockaded in a mass of homo sapien barricade. At which point we saw the parade had started, so our group also stopped to stare... At the cars la of course :P
Miss Auto City was on all the open roof cars and waving to all spectators. Photo op!
I couldn't withstand taking a pic of this modded classic. Sweet ride!
Like I sed... Time to stop and stare :P
The make up and fashion beauties were also out for a stroll, showing off their facial fascia and flowing gowns in the evening sun.
The group of us then took a rest at Subway for a hearty meal and some cooling drinks after making our rounds around the galleries. I had my fav... The veggie delight.
Soon then requested that we all take a group photo at his pride and joy... His masterpiece. So we did. And being the cheeky fellow I am, I took a photo of the photographer (Yan Yan) whom was waiting for all of us to get in line and for the crowd to clear.
Soon's other creation was an outrageously kitted classic Fiat which's model eludes me.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Monday morning blues

Monday morning blues... Blue skies that is. Or at least that was when I left for work early Monday morning. I decided to have a drive up to Tun Sardon's vantage point to keep Silver's strides in check.

I arrived to wonderful scenery and crisp morning air filled my lungs. At that point, it all felt right, it felt as if its going to be an awesome day ahead! *amazing what a little touge and clean air does to ya*
I drove by idly Balik Pulau and decided to take the Teluk Kumbar way to the office just to see how the elevated highway was going on. I got loads of earth on my car from the construction going on there and everything is coming along quite briskly.
Took a photo at my favourite spot, where you can see the old road that'll be closed once the new highway is done.
I got a call at the office and met up with Kang at Smart Tint in Bukit Jambul to check out his new baby after selling off his L200 Kancil. His new project is a luxuriously large Nissan Cefiro in silky black paint.
We got his tints chosen (legal spec of course) and installed and I intro'd him to Chian Soon Tyres where he'll be getting his 18" rollers installed this week.
And yes... That badge tells it all... He got the 3.0 V6 model with the full shebang! See the owner standing proudly by his babe in black?
Cheers buddy!

And a great week ahead to all my readers.