Thursday, November 27, 2008

Northern Touge Race Day - Sanjev's cam

Another contributor and VERY dedicated photographer (he was out in the glaring sun the entire day) Sanjev had just passed me his beautifully taken pictures for Northern Touge. Enjoy!

The morning meet at Bkt. Merah R&R.
Our massive convoy passing through the Cangkat Jering toll.
Arrival at the track with a kiss of the beautiful morning sun.

Our sole auto K-car racing under the 1.6 category, Bom (Jason). He made it into the finals. Respect!
The gruelling fight in the 1.6 category which ended with the two Vios' taking a 1-2 finish followed by the Kelisa! Kudos to the sole K-car podium finisher.
The open class being led, by far, by the number 13 EK track car driven by Patrick Tam, which took pole all the way to the finish.
The top dogs in the 1.8 category battling it out to see Chin Hooi (red EF) take top podium, followed by Suhaimi (black Wira) in a close second and Patrick's (red/white EK) take home a cool third.
Participation was beyond our estimation with a massive turnout of spectators. Crowd was allowed on track upon ending the 1.8 category finals with the champ cars basking in the glory.
The champ cars - Red EF from Hup Yew Tires & Batteries and the Black Wira from Kiong Lee exhaust taking home top spots.
Daniel was having a grand time as a parking attendant.
Mark striking a sexy pose just before dinner... I've no idea why! Those interested, his cell number is 012-4212 XXX. (At least I gave you the first four right? :P)
The Penang-kias dinner party!
The entire crew was having a great ball with the race events still buzzing their thoughts.
Some extra shirts were given out to buddies in need of a clothe change. Much thanks to Tommax, Northern Garage and Kiong Lee for the shirts.
Believe me, these fellas were HUGE!

In conclusion, I'd like to thank all our sponsors: Northern Garage, Kiong Lee Exhaust, Tommax Stickers & No. Plate, and Chean Exhaust for all their support and encouragement.

It was a fantastic event held with much drama, sweat and tears, fellowship amongst enthusiasts and lastly, everyone left with a smile to their weary faces.

See you guys next round!

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