Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Saga of Pin

I'd recently met up with a godbrother of mine, Ah Pin, whose been delving in his work life so much so that he's missing from the scene for quite some time. And this chance meeting was at Chuan Gee Tires where Bro Fer is on duty. Pin drove his Weber-ised Saga here if only to instigate my emotions for the carb! (Dang you!!! I love these noisy and impossible mechanicals)

Ah Pin's pristine condition 1st gen. Proton Saga. (Lookit the lens glare from the headlights... I swear it's not edited!)

What lurks beneath...
The twin terrors within the belly of the beast.
Look at those beutifully mounted suckers! And those are original Weber trumpets (velocity stacks) mind you!
And bolted, steadily, on Hot Bits sand-casted aluminum intake manifolds designed specifically for the 4G15 Twin Weber application.
Casted and assembled in Bologna, Italy. Weber authentic niii!!!

It's fantastic to see your ride and reminisce of the days of old when all of us were running around with Webers and straight flow pipes... The induction roar and exhaust note still reverberates in my ears!

Oh, I probably forgot to mention that bro Chris (Fer Fer) is a superb Weber tuner and one of the last masters of the art left in Penang. Psst... He installed and TUNED my previous set in 45mins (hardware and brackets all present liao la).

Great to have met you again bro, and thanks for the photo op ;)

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