Thursday, November 6, 2008

Crank dat!

After a superb touge run recently, I'd noticed a sort of tapping sound coming from the engine. Initially, everyone's response would be that the engine is experiencing knock (which was also my first guess).

Upon arrival at the TB dam area, my main mech Chris got out and immediately (he didn't even manage to light up a ciggie) did some tests and concluded that my CRANK was bust... AGAIN~!!!

Does it make you wonder how things work their best just when they're about to go bust... Like super grippy tires (in the dry) just before it wanes, or how the air conditioning seems super cool until it goes in a puff of R134A (Freon or refrigerant in laymen's) mist!

This pic exemplifies how a good crank should look like... Sadly, mine has scratches and thus, had farked up my bearings :(
However, I saw some beaut cranks online such as the... :
Fully balanced crank from Jackson Auto Machine.
And the forged steel crank from Eagle!
A bit outta reach la.. I know... But a guy can dream, can't I?
I've gotta figure something out soon... Not being able to touge is pure melancholy to the point of being depressing. The pure dismal of it all... Aargh!

I gotta look for a crank soon... Or someone gimme a car to toss around!


Dennis Tan said...

yo bro~ BAD news indeed. so will your silver banana be able to complete before the track day?

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Dennis, It is indeed grieving news. Ah... That will depend on the situation of my pocket. But I doubt it'll be ready for track day.