Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Green Monster gets Slammed!

I've been testing Mark's green monster (ori Satria 1.6) recently and sadly, it's always been in the rain or in the wet. Luck was on our side this Sunday evening and I finally had a dry run in the Green Monster.

She's a zippy little bugger around the Batu Feringghi and Vale of Tempe route, nippy handling and very obedient to fast direction changes even though running on 14" Miche-licins :P I loved the mid turn adjustability and it's ability to really tuck into the corner while portraying a slight hint of oversteer!
However Mark, being the greedy little bugger that he is, took upon himself to change to a new set of wheels by Monday afternoon. The Green Monster is now slammed on 17"s and well shod with Nankang's NSII performer all round, he's almost ready for this Sunday's track excursion.
Check back for brakes and suspension tuning.

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