Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chillin' out NT's Highway Monster

The great group of friends that gather under the Northern Touge banner are a diversified bunch of avid motorsports enthusiasts, and one such motorsport a few have come to undertake are playing on the high speed and gut wrenching world of "Wangan-style" racing.

Wangan Racing is a trend started by the Japanese on their bayshore (namesake) highways which are vast and void of traffic. The rules are simple, the highest speed attained is the ONLY speed you go at it!

One such member of the Northern Touge bunch is solely doing his dance to the rythm of high velocity. His vehicle was (note: I mentioned "was") designed to go up to 250km/h without much hesitance. However, he is looking into much higher speeds and a redesign of his powerplant is being undertook.
This brings forth issues with traction, aerodynamics, weight, and heat. In this installment, a GTR sized chiller is brought in from The Land Down Under to see to soaring induction temperatures.
Cheers to Kiong Lee on another job well done!

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