Wednesday, November 12, 2008


After the constant touge sessions and everyday wear, my muffler got a little burnt out and its note turned blary.

As every petrolhead knows, this warrants a trip to your local favourite exhaust shop. So I went to Kiong Lee for a fiber cartridge refill.

Upon lifting the Silver Banana up on one of his main jacks, he found the exhaust route and components to be too restrictive, sapping power and causing immensely high fuel consumption, he explained. So the muffler was removed along with half the piping down (up at that moment) there.

He'd (Ah Kiong) re-routed the pipes, replaced a massive resonator with a MUCH less restrictive one, retained the original stainless steel resonator to keep vibrations down whilst Ah Lee (his younger sibling) refilled my muffler's fiber cartridge.

Re-installation works were done, Kiong even adjusted my muffler angle (sed it looks nicer), and I'd test drove it for a week now. More power could be felt at the mid RPMs but only a slight increase in the higher revs, plus, my car can now do 500+ km on a full tank where previously it could only do 300+ km.

Much thanks to Kiong Lee.... Both of them :P
*I didn't get any photos as I left the car with them whilst I was away*

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