Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Hairy One - Rebuilt

After The Hairy One (Ah Soon) was refurbished (read here for more), he decided it was time to fully do up the GSR-vo III in preparations for track day and hardcore touge action. One of the pending issues he was facing was a slightly warped engine head... Which he had our resident NT (Northern Touge) main mech to take a look at.

We took it off, skimmed it and bolted it right up. As Soon was going out of state for the weekend, and The Hairy One was left with me along with ONE instruction only, "drive it hard, let me know how she goes!". Handling tests are always my favourite! And so I did.. After a speedy sprint stint up the touge on Friday night with Daniel (Civic) following suit, I was blasting to the sound of blow-offs all the way.

The GSR is beautifully setup to oversteer on command and the 280Nm (approx.) of torque made sure you caught the tail every time! It was a very fun machine to handle on the tight twisties of the Penang touge. Water temp remained stable throughout and with the slightly increased compression (from the skimming), The Hairy One was one fast fucher! Brakes need uprating though.

I couldn't get enough of The Hairy One and woke up to a sprightful morning, although only getting a couple of hours' shut-eye, and in one deep breath, the essence of touge filled my lungs... Coarsed through my veins... And in no time, I was in The Hairy One and blasting up my fav stretch of high speed touge!

I met our returning champ along the way and we both went at it like rabbits on Red Bull!
We had a pit stop for the refreshingly crispy cool morning air... Champ was commenting how the FI (forced induction) engines had advantage on the uphill.
We camwhored both black bitches present and bade each other adieu, he had to go home to sleep, and I was going to "ronda" (run around) in The Hairy One. I just can't get enough of the turbocharged grunt.
*lookit them beaut 17" rims on The Hairy One*
It then dawned on me, after frequently driving around in The Hairy One, that all the myths I heard in my youth of FI FWD (forced induction front wheel drive) vehicles not being able to handle properly/touge was pure BULLSHIT! Even with comparatively (to today's standards) low tech engine and chassis design, combinations of proper setup and boost threshold, these old ladies still handled beautifully!

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