Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pics Disclaimer

Hi guys, due to the multitude of photographic contributors available that day, I may not have featured everyone's rides in my previous posts.

Do drop me a comment or contact me if you'd like your photos featured on Snappy Scav or sent to you.

Cheers and enjoy the pics.

See you fellas soon!


Dennis Tan said...

Yes~! i wan my mango's picture~ waaa~~ hohoho~ got anyone taken?

thanks bro.

ScAvEnGeR said...

I'm sure there are a few bro.

Let me see what I can source for you bro.

Forward by E-mail ok with you?

Richard Khoo said...

I also want mine!! haha..
can forward to me too?

M-spec said...

Hey Andrew.
I am reading all your blog's post.

nice and cheers for Penang Touge fans



EweJin said...

Bro ... update your blog la ~ nothing to read one ~ hahahaha

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Richard, no problem bro. Just drop me a mail or sms me your account address.

Ben, great to hear from you all the from HK. Glad you enjoyed it.

Hi EweJin (SF), I will once my schedule eases up soon.

M-spec said...

my daily snack. man.

I'm able to find something warming my heart during the busy days.
your so TK blog.keep going on.

cheers bro.

Dennis Tan said...

yup yup~ no problem bro ;) will send my email to you via sms later ~ thanks a lot yo

ScAvEnGeR said...

Ben, it's just gratifying to know that my work is much appreciated. Thanks for the kind words.

Dennis, I'm so sorry it's been super busy for me. I'll try to send you the pics ASAP.