Monday, November 3, 2008

Errant Biker

I was having and oh-so-wonderful drive to work with only light traffic on the road and enjoying some beaut Chinese songs from the Olympics '08 soundtrack.

I have to admit, I was having some zig-zagging (weaving) action, and whilst I was about to overtake a truck, a Honda CBR zoomed past me and tested its mettle against a 240 Volvo. Yup, the big old metal one solidly built as a brick!.

WTF?!?!?! By utilising my ABS, aku brake sendiri (I brake on my own - since my car has no ABS), and void of any electronic aid, I managed to take a quick peek left and swerved outta the way even, if ever so slightly.

What the heck is wrong with these fellas... Its super early Monday morning and they're already on "high spirit"... I mean... It's Monday dude... C'mon!


kev said...

oh the monday blues, haha, lets start ur tuesday better :p

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey Kev, Tuesday was a hoot! There was loads to do at the office, so time flew past. Nice...