Thursday, November 6, 2008

We'll be Shifting in Tune!

It was a warm, balmy evening like any other. Hanging out at Northern Garage whilst waiting for Ah Loy from Northern Garage to install Mark's newly acquired short shifter. Enjoying some light conversation with Daniel from Camo3 and a few other buddies and just when I was about to light up, my cellphone rang its distinct tone and an unfamiliar voice was on the other end.

"The Voice" enquired about the track and after some light conversation, we at Northern Touge are proud to viably bring you mass media coverage from Hypertune and its sister publication, Shift.

Our official magazines for the day!
And their sister publication.This is indeed excellent news to all participants of the Northern Touge Race Day this coming 23rd of November 2008. Get your cars prepped and be ready to blast off an event like never before.

Get ready to catch all the screaming variable valves, tuned up daily commuters and boostin' turbos on Hypertune and Shift in the upcoming issues!


kev said...

have fun u guys, i might not be coming, clash of events in singapore, theres a seiryuu from japan going there, lol

ScAvEnGeR said...

Thanks bro Kev. So sad you can't make it.

Enjoy the seiryuu event. Cheers!

kev said...

lol actually, no money to buy tyres, lol!

but yea on the side note, will take pictures of that japanese singing babe :D so stay tuned

ScAvEnGeR said...

I'll keep you to your word and will be keeping an eye out at your blog :P

Dennis Tan said...

hoho~ maybe we could arrange the cars according to categories that day ^.^

1. Old-school
2. Extreme tuner
3. Beautifully Pimp-ed
4. Loudest
5. Alien Cars!

haha~ that would be fun ^.^

ScAvEnGeR said...

Indeed it would be. Thanks for the suggestion Dennis. Great idea.