Tuesday, November 18, 2008

As previously mentioned (click here to read), an addition will be made to fill the gap at my grille. Whilst we had installed the new grille fixture, it was raining out and the Silver Banana was already in the shop for ammendments to be made. I thought, "why not spray paint it ourselves?". And so we did.

The materials used were essentially masking tape (duh!), a can of RM5 Anchor spray paint, lots of newspaper and a couple of drinks.
Masking was the first to be done up and it was real nice and proper. EVERYTHING has to be covered unless you wanna spend the next few hours detailing painting flash with a small brush and paint thinner.
I'd roughed up and sanded down the lower lip and proceeded to paint. *shiny*
A friend, Kumar (no Harold around though), from the neighbouring factory where I worked, dropped by and aided to touch up the grille coz my painting sucked and he does paint touch ups for a living :P Free drinks and ciggies were warranted...
We eventually pulled the masking off along with some paint and lacquer (dang old paint needs refreshing) so I got Tommy of Tommax Stickers to cut me up a piece of "plaster" to cover it up from further peeling.
Kumar's touch up did wonders in matching the tone to my ori (albeit faded and chipped) paint.
A very decent job done if I do say so myself... With the help of Kumar of course. Thanks for the fantastic touch up job.

Who was to drop by later that evening but Philip with his immaculately kept Toyota Corolla LE. It's so well kept that the wiring labels can still be read and in their original plastic cradles!
He had gotten a bit bored of the outlook and started to revamp his ride almost a year ago, collecting bits and pieces and he now has electric folding side mirrors, Corolla SE bumpers, JDM grille and bonnet, and a wonderful engine.
Finally dropping by Mansion II for some "bodybuilding" before proceeding to paint.
JDM styled skirting all round to complete work on the old girl.
I did say it had a sweet engine right? A symphony orchestrated by Yamaha and Toyota! Simply be-au-ti-fulll......

Kudos to a well kept car, and majorly successful revamp! Can't wait to see the painted beaut...


Chris said...

Whats the name of that grill eh? Wanna mod one to my Satria =P

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Chris, I'm not sure if there's a name for it.

I just mentioned to Mansion II staff that I wanted an aftermarket open design grill for my Perdana, and this is what I got :P

You could go see Soon (of Mansion II) and mention my nick to attain the same design if you'd like.