Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stiff Lip~!

It was a sunny albeit boring Saturday afternoon and Soon and I were just lazing at Mansion II after having our lunch. There were a multitude of tasks but we were just too lazy to move. Then Soon suddenly got up from his seat, grabbed his drink and L&M in one hand and a lower front lip in the other.

Fitting ensued with much chatter in his usual jovial manner. Lo and behold, after telling me for months that there are no front skirt (lips) for the Perdana, he'd just got his rusty gears cranking and lit up a bloody-big-lightbulb!

Plans were made and modifications and final fitment was to be on Monday evening. We both went home feeling mighty satisfied that night, him for finally thinking it up, and I, just glad that he did :P

Monday evening came past the longest day at work I'd ever had. Time seemed to crawl and grind to a painfully, weary trudge. The clock struck 6p.m. and I was off like a rocket! I made it to Mansion II just in time as Soon was just finishing up a job at hand.

Soon measuring up the front skirt.

He is cutting up two skirts to make one for the Silver Banana.
Centering was done and accurate placement on the bumper's grooves were immaculate.
Trial fitment to get measurements for the extensions to be made.
Double chin!
Corner stubs being fabricated and fitted.
2 become 1... The story of the fiber extension :P (Lame joke, I know)
Soon reinforcing the lip for touge use.
More enforcement and a whole lot more robust.
Grinding off the fiber strands and prepping for install.
Final fitment...
Finally, the finishing touches had been put on and this is the outlook. *Ignore the horrible scar I got from a motorbike*
My first bit of outlook modification courtesy of Mansion II, much thanks to Soon and Vincent for a great job done. I love the extra little flare you guys had put in!
I'm still hesitant, though, on what color I should paint this little addition. A smooth satin black for the racer-boy look or a flowing metallic silver for the OEM take? Any ideas? Do drop me a comment.
p/s If you readers notice, the grill is gone as well. Check back for updates on that ;)


Dennis Tan said...

definately silver bro~

afterall, it's a silver banana right ^.^
you dun wan to see black "sweet spot" on it at all cost lol~ that will be too ripe :P


ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey Dennis, thanks for the suggestion. After much debacle, I have to agree with you. I think it's going to be silver after all.

Black might just be a little too much of a contrast :P