Thursday, November 27, 2008

Northern Touge Race Day - Ray's cam pt.II

Continuation due to some conflict with blogger's server yesterday, I couldn't upload any more pics... So here goes.

The early morning pics... The Silver Banana parked next to my sponsor Kiong's car.
A small part of the convoy heading towards Kg. Gajah. There was such a large group, we had to split into many smaller convoy just to accomodate the driving speeds. Yes! It was that huge!
The Penang convoy has arrived and queueing up for registration to get into the track.
The main event banner, much thanks to Camo3.
The Silver Banana parked next to Touge Monk's (Daniel's) Civic.
All the drivers were listening intently to my short safety briefing before going on track. (save for the yawning Hwa).
Initiation to the track was lead by Tommax's Wira SE as safety car for the first couple of laps.
Upon letting them loose... Rampage!
Super fast street legal White EK battling it out for a few laps with the Red/White track racer whilst VictorGR's FC follows suit.
Robert (Yellow "Terminatrix" Satria) was a fierce competitor. He shocked everyone with his lap time of 1min 08secs whilst only armed with a 1.3 carby Satria. Robert's shown here hunting down Loy's (of Norther Garage) Wira 1.8.
1.6 class 1st heat - Watch how the leading Kelisa's passenger side front tire is lifted, Tripod Mode! Excellent work dude. You lead them all the way!
1.6 class 2nd heat - All the cars gave it all they had. Most friends were surprised with Mark's (Green Satria) driving and ability to keep up with more veteran drivers. Reason was that he's never had track experience, never drove "enthusiastically" on the road, and only driven up the touge about twice in his life! Great job buddy :)

1.6 class finals - Daniel (Civic) was giving Lao San (white Vios) a lot of pressure but Lao San did not wane one bit. In eventuality, Daniel's over-enthused driving steered him into a collision course with Sunny's Kelisa whom pursued and finished a commendable third placing. Kudos bro Sunny!

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