Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Northern Touge Race Day - Mark's cam

All participants, friends, and family (believe me, there were even grandpas there!) met up bright and early at Fantasi Nasi Kandar and left for the Bukit Merah R&R where we would meet up with Dennis of TKA absorbers and some breakfast. There was a massive turn out this round, the entire R&R parking lot including the adjoining Petronas was full of our participants and spectators.
After a most interesting drive through the trunk roads leading to Kg. Gajah, we were finally there at the Northern Touge Race Day.
We arrived at a beautifully sunny and dry track with hot tarmac ready to get a rippin'!The turnout was surprisingly massive as you could see from the pic below.
Spectator turnout was approximately 200 persons! This is the first time I'd seen the grandstand overflowing at the Dato' Sagor Track!

After a heated battle between Lao San (white Vios) and Daniel (Civic) vying for pole position, Daniel's Civic had a mishap and lost foothold providing a window of opportunity for TK (silver Vios) and the green Kelisa (sorry I didn't get your name bro) to gain ground. After that, it was just between the two manual Vios' (yup, you heard right... Both are manuals) to battle it out for a 1-2 finish.

The 1.8 class was the event of the day with impressive driving that wowed the crowd whilst being eventful enough to leave jaws hanging! The crowd went wild whilst this category ran its race. Eventually, only the toughest of the tough remained and these two are made of the toughest stuff!
The open class saw a 1-2 finish from 0-4 Workshop with both their Civic track cars with Boy's Agip sponsored EG on their heels. Ketit's NA powered S15 was giving commendable chase whilst VictorGR was just having plain fun, laid back, drifting and wowing the crowd from behind.

The trophies, engine oil, cash prize and T-shirts to be given away in an awards presentation by our sponsors - Kiong of Kiong Lee Ent., Eric from Northern Garage, Chean from Chean Exhaust, and Tommy of Tommax Stickers and No. Plates.
The cups were a beaut! Much thanks to Emico for the fantastic work.
The day of course ended with a fantastic dinner at Tanjung Tualang - for the super big prawns. Everyone was starving, so food tasted as if heaven sent!
p.s. I've no idea what the fingers mean...
After heated battles and gruelling dogfights, every driver left, better bonded friends, with new experiences in their pocket and most importantly, with a wide smile to their weary faces.This was definitely an event not to be missed.
See you fellas next round! (Oh yeah! Believe you me!)

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