Monday, November 24, 2008

Northern Touge Race Day - Teaser

I'm still recuperating from the buzz of the Northern Touge Race Day held at the Dato' Sagor Track in Kg. Gajah yesterday. It was da bomb, the bull's bollocks, whatever you call it in every language... It was a blast!

Here's a teaser pic of the turnout yesterday...
The entire mamak was full of Penang participants, and spectators alike, having their breakfast and preparing for the track excursion.Check back in a bit for further updates as our media crew uploads the track day photos.


Dennis Tan said...

hoho~ can't wait for the video and photos uploaded ~

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hold your horses! Coming soon bro... I just need to resize some of the pics since all of our friendly media crew were all using DSLRs :P

Files are HUUUUGE!!!