Monday, October 20, 2008

Touge Monster gets Golden Key

It was a beautiful Sunday evening and I had a beaut birthday bash to attend. The touge monster (Raj) was getting his golden key today. Although I'm not one for posh events, this one was had at a hotel in the middle of our usual touge route.. Who was I to say no to a wonderful dinner with touge before and after?

So I left home early thinking to take a smooth cruise up to the location when an obtrusive Wira abruptly overtook and almost sideswiped me. I, of course, dropped two gears, mashed the throttle and gave pursuit just for kicks :P

I ended up at the hotel an hour early!

I gave Raj a call and shortly (why else would I call him monster?), he'd also arrived with Wayne in tow. And dressed sharply too! (I was in bermudas)

Lookit how nice the touge monster is paired with the self-confessed-horny bitch, Freak'o'Wayne.

The beautiful dinner setting overlooking the sunset accompanied by sounds of jazz and the crashing of waves.... Bliss!
The dining area in all its splendor.
The entrees consisting of fresh oysters *slurp* (refer to staggered ice box on far right), sushi (salmon was fantastic!), Idako and greens.
The staple, which most of us avoided like the black plague since it fills you up (duh! its called staple...), of fried rice, fried noodles, lasagne, more rice, and some curries.
Servings of grilled mussels, lobsters, crabs (not the itchy variety), and chicken.
The grill!
The wonderful assortment of desserts and pastry to calm our palates and end the wonderful dinner with. The cheesecake was just F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C~!!!
Raj with all the party guests.
Raj was soooo happy last night, he decided to grace us with his super KAWAII pose!
Raj's birthday present from all of us, a 20-odd Indonesian-Chinese "he-bitch"! Don't get the wrong impression of Raj though, we hear he's young and hung, and out huntin'... Ladies... Er... Want something a little spicy?
About the he-bitch, he also does gay bachelor parties as well, call him at 1800-GAYLORD.

After everyone "mature" had left the scene, we decided to have loads of fun with the helium in the balloons and everyone was chirping away like chipmunks and having a blast of a time. Except for Wayne, whom got a barrage of lurid statements thrown at him in high pitched voices. *one of which is used as the final word in this composition*

The tycoon then graced us with his presence, but complained about every darn thing else, from the shellfish not being "de-shelled" to the ambience not meeting his "high" requirements.
Khang Wei was the hero of the night... He took a jug and chugged it like the manly thing he is.
Unfortunately, his gastronomic functions did not fully agree with him. Thus, the technicolor burp made its debut!
I then decided, at this juncture, that it was a good time to bid everyone adieu and part ways for the evening as everyone was getting a little tipsy and its always great to end the evening at the orgasm (or was it supposed to be climax?.. whatever..) of the evening.

Thanks very much bro for the wonderful experience, the exotic fare, the calm and soothing ambience, and last but certainly not the least, for the wonderful company.

p.s. Wayne's speech was terrible... Blow me Wayne!

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